Do you think this will work?


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Dec 19, 2004
Hey, I stumbled onto this site

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I don't think it was intended to be looked at yet.... hahahaha .... cuz from the name of the site.

Anyway, it's kinda interesting. I was wondering if it would work. I think I'll send him an email. =)

What do you guys think?

Here is what he is probably doing. He is an affiliate for a poker room, probably several. He gets paid for each signup. When he gets sign ups he gets paid a small amount of money that he puts into a pool. You (or whoever) wins and plays on the site. Now he is getting 20-25% of your rake forever. You get hooked or are a winning player so now you are generating hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.

I dont know for sure, I have never seen this before but that is what it sounds like. Of course there may not be any free money tourneys, he signs you up, you play for real money and he makes money off you forever. If you refer someone he makes money off that too if he makes you a sub affiliate during this.
hmmm ...interesting ...i never thought of that.....but it seems like the person only wants you to play with fake money.

Don't most poker room only give you either a choice of getting a one time fee or a percentage of the rake and not both?
I'm only interested because, afterall it's free money .... but from the sound of it .... you gotta go and click on ads..... The thing is ...if say the person gives out $25 per week ..that's $100/month ... if say google ad or whatever .. .5 cents per click ...that's like 2000 clicks in one month .... i don't think anybody would do that .... Anyway .. i dont' t know this....but i don't think it's possible to get $5000/month or even $1000/month ....
Well, i got an emailed for the guy..... he says that this is a non-profit site .... he said that he hates the fact that online casinos/poker lure you in by giving you free money ... but you gotta play a certain amount of games. That's what got him started. He says that, this thing will probably not go through because the poker rooms want to charge him a high fee to be able to look at people's play money, etc. He said even if the site makes enough from the ads to pay for it, the prizes are going to be too low ...and it's not worth it for the players ... So now he also hates the fact that online poker companies charge him a fee for getting people to PLAY on THIER servers..... lol ... he said he'll continue to look but doesn't look bright

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