Do you play Instant Play RTG?


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I have a computer that has a hard time downloading the full casinos on RTG. I have played the Instant Play Casino before. I do know that there are limited games and the autoplayer doesnt have options. I wanted to see inpit from anyone else might play. Does the win/lose seem the same? Has anyone hit a random jackpot while playing the Instant Play version?


Ueber Meister
I play the instant casinos sometimes for free chips or when I'm just too lazy to wait on download. I, too, have had download trouble from time to time, usually cause by internet provider speed, so played instant then.

I don't see any difference at all. I've had some really nice hits playing instant and playing downloaded version. The instant games are different at each casino group, some have more, some less.

As far as RJ, my luck with winning them sucks either way so can't opine about them. LOL!


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On the rare occasions I play RTG it's almost always Instant Play. Seems fine - runs on my Netbook too. Gameplay fine, wins no different (hard whichever way LOL) and it has the games I like but yes, it is limited. RJ's are the same as in the d/l casino fwiw.


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Recently some RTG's added new flash games like Naughty or Nice, paydirt and Coyote Cash. These have the "stop" feature also. I do play these games on instant play if I have been given a small bonus rather than downloading and if I up my balance significantly, I switch to download.

Works for me


Recently I could not access my desktop, due a problem on my computer,so could only use Flash-play(later I learned that if just typed C:\, I could access my desktop that way).

I found it ok but was frustrated with the limited games that I could play.I wasn't sure if It were possible to win an RJ in Flash mode but apparently you can, also I am happy to see that RTG has added more games to Flash.


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I used to play instant play at main street group casinos. I won a random
Jackpot once, they stalled the payment and I never went back.