Do you play casinos that are not accredited.


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Aug 25, 2004
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It's possibly fair to say that some of the popular UK sites that are not accredited are not accredited because of their actions toward affiliates rather than players.
I can't say that I know all of the accredited casinos, and even less so, exactly how or why CM decides some other ones should not be accredited. But if they treat their affiliates with complete and utter contempt, who is to say they won't turn on their players in a similar vein further down the line?
I have been dumped by and/or stolen from (not because I did anything wrong, but due to pure greed) by numerous big names, including the likes of Ladbrokes, Sky Vegas, Bet Victor, Betway, 888, William Hills, 10Bet, BetFred, Tote Sport, Paddy Power, Boyles, and recently Leo Vegas, 32Red and Unibet.
In my personal opinion, none of the above deserves to be accredited - they should be in the Grey Zone at best.



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Mar 1, 2011
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So in some cases, there are better casinos to play at than what's on the accredited list. It's great to have a forum like this so members can give their experience and their personal feedback from playing at a casino that may not be accredited and knowing they can be just as good or better than some of the accredited ones. I feel more confident to try some others that members have recommended as, to be honest, I don't find many on the accredited list that really cares about their players as well, some do whatever to get accredited then after scale back. I want to play at a casino that wows me as you could say like the way 32red and Videoslots were once like many years ago. Very rare nowadays does a casino become accredited and try to improve constantly for their players. Too many become accredited then make so many cutbacks, lower RTP their presence becomes less and less yet they remain accredited and their score doesn't seem to suffer for it. For example, using Videoslots as an example again only because I only play a few casinos. But why was Videoslots score not knocked down when they become sneaky about how they first lower their RTP I believe they should have been called out on it by Casinomeister and their score rating should have been affected because of it at least for a time period. We as players get scolded by some outfits for making a small mistake on wager bet size or whatever and we get dragged threw the coal, stalling practices etc. It's time to balance things out, bring fun and the wow factor back with playing and start treating customers like an individual not like a number like many casinos do accredited or not accredited.
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Jan 25, 2021
It would be fairly to say that it's risky to play on non-accredited casinos. However, I don't see anything criminal to play such casinos due to the recommendation of your friends or some sites(I mean if someone you believe to has already checked it).


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Jan 28, 2016
One thing that is apparent in this thread is that most of you don't understand the mechanics of accreditation. First off, I don't choose who is a candidate for being accredited here. It is up to the casinos to come to me - I don't go to them. In fact, I can't recall asking any casino to join the Accredited list of casinos. So it's on a volunteer basis.

Many casino operators don't think that they can meet the standards, so they let these aspirations go. And some are not qualified to be Accredited by us.

And the reason why you don't see big name casinos on the accred list like William Hill, Paddy Power, Betfred, is because they don't give a flying rat's ass about this community - or you, basically. One of the requirements to be accredited is to have a presence here in this forum. As time goes by and the casino industry becomes more industrialized and the mom and pops drop off the edge, the accredited list will get smaller and smaller.

It is what it is - but saying that, there are many casinos in the Grey Zone that are decent casinos to play at. Casino Rewards for one, Race Casino (never yet BBF'd), William Hill is there, etc. etc. There are loads there that have not been vetted by a BBF process (read: you - the membership). Most of these operators never asked to be vetted by us. So taking all this in, we will be restructuring this list once the 2020 awards are finished. Many of these casinos are recommendable - but they just don't have the prestige of being accredited here at Casinomeister.
Just so you are aware, theres no rep listed on the Bet365 review :)


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Sep 26, 2004
Choices are limited for me as many accredited casinos dont take players from Hong Kong. So I play at casinos thru making small deposits (23-30) usually without bonuses and cash out with 2x -5x my deposit as these amounts are not large enough to hurt them.

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