Do you have a list of recommended sites?


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Apr 18, 2004
I'm just curious.

I've heard horror stories about sites that accept your money, but when it comes to withdrawing your money they say they can't deposit American funds, etc . . .

Also, do you know what sites are owned by who? ie like partypoker is essentially the same as empirepoker, etc . . .

I don't expect anyone to make this list, just was curious if you had one of these on the site. :)

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This is the best list of what rooms are skins of other rooms. In my opinion if you stay away from Choice skins or Golden Palace skins you should be OK. Choice is rogue and bust and GP has issues with dragging out peoples pay.

Party is the biggest and loosest, other places like Poker Stars go down to $.01/$.02 limits. Absolute goes down to 10 cents Prima skins (Lucky Nugget Gaming Club etc.) go down to 25 cents. All of the ones in this paragraph are well established quick paying rooms. Intercasino has great bonuses but limits do not go below 1/2 unless that has changed recently.

All rooms accept $US that I know of, a few allow exchanges to play in pound games.

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