Question Do you get more wins at specific casinos?


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Jan 25, 2009
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Over many years I have gambled online, I have noticed that I have withdrawn much more often from specific casinos.

I've thought that it must just be luck and slots should have same payouts everywhere, but it has been such a long time frame that I'm starting to doubt it, and it might be either the providers or casino itself that might be the reason. Only other difference I can see is that casinos where I see more wins offer a larger selection of providers and release new slots more often, so I tend to play fresh games almost exclusively at those places.

Has anyone experienced something similar?


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Dec 13, 2017
I play at 7 places and for some reason it seems like I'm luckier at some places but when I actually count the deposits and withdrawals it doesn't really differ all that much. It goes in cycles tho, sometimes I get a string of withdrawals at one place while not being able to get one for weeks at another and vice versa.

Some say it's random... :laugh:


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Jun 6, 2013
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I used to think the same, I have had some casinos I played at where I never managed to win enough to withdraw and I done a lot of deposits at them. Stan James casino which has now been merged with Unibet. That casino I think I withdrew like twice in over a year of playing their. There was a few casinos where I never withdrew from. Vera And Johns was another where I found it extremely difficult to win at.

But at the end of the day all casinos are doing is hosting the slots from providers. They pay for licenses from providers to host their slots in their casino brands, all casinos can do is if a provider has various RTP options for their slots then a casino can decide to pick lower RTP versions of the slots. This is now becoming common as a lot of casinos are now starting to pick lower RTP versions of slots and they blame it on higher tax levels etc etc.

But I think it is just random. When your in a lucky streak you can keep winning at multiple casinos the same day or during a week and get withdraws at every casino you play at in a short period of time.

Also one final point. Some casinos I play at now have some providers and slots other casinos do not have. So when I do play at the other casinos now it is because I want to play a specific slot that no other casino have available for me. Like for example Partycasino has Euphoria from Isoftbet and Katmandu Gold from Elk and some others too, So I find me wanting to play those slots only at those and I ignore all others. At Videoslots casino which is my main casino. Since they reduced the RTP in a lot of their providers, Pragmatic, Red Tiger, Net Ent, Play N Go, a few others. I now play these providers at Pokerstars when I want to play their slots.

I am doing well at pokerstars in terms of my deposit and withdraw ratio. I think I am now close to even since the last time I checked. VS is a different matter, More deposits than withdraws over the last 5 years lol.

So the casinos I play at now are these:

Videoslots casino
Pokerstars Casino
Party Casino
Grosvenor Casino
Ladbrokes Casino

It is funny because when I asked live chat in party casino and ladbrokes if they are linked or owned by the same group they denied it. But when you look at their websites they have the same Design when you open slots. I then did some google searches and I found their parent company and they list both of those brands in that parent company - Entain plc.

So clearly live chat were clueless :p

Also for a very very long time I found it impossible to win at ladbrokes. But now I win and withdraw often. I went a year once at ladbrokes where I never won enough to withdraw. Then I had periods where I kept winning and done loads of withdraws etc etc. It is just random.


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Nov 14, 2020
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What I find happens to me is: When I first join a casino the slots are loose, and I win. I'll then make a withdrawal. Then when I make the 2nd or 3rd deposit at the same casino, I never win anymore. My money dwindles away. It is as if the software is tighter for me since I've already made a withdrawal.

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