Do they really think we're that stupid?


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Jul 20, 2004
While playing for approximately 200 hands of blackjack at a 'reputable' site today, the dealer recieved 12 blackjacks, I recieved 4. I was given doubling hands 8 times, 2 of them won. I also ran into a streak of 20 losses in a row. I placed 2 big bets at the end of the session and won them both, leaving the table even, so I guess I should be happy, but instead I'm irritated and pissed.

This was not my first time at this casino, but I wrote off my last 3 bad sessions to 'just bad luck'. But Apparently I AM that stupid. For the past 6 months I've said to myself, that there's no money in these sites rigging their games, they make thier money on volume and odds, and if they become known for rigging their games, no one will play there. Rigging their games is the equivalent of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

But this site is reasonably successful, and has a good reputation. I don't get it...if they're going to rig the game on you, wouldn't they make it less obvious? Am I missing something, do the gambling sites NOT deal actual blackjack hands, but actually decide before they show you the cards whether you've won a particular hand or not, then simulate the results?
I will second that. over the last few months ive had many MANY sessions of online blackjack that are so obviously not true cards being dealt. I have played in land based casinos literally hundreds of times and not once have I had a session of blackjack stand out as being severely bad. Yes
I have lost many a time (sometimes more than I planned) but have never experianced such a terriable run of cards that would stand out as questionable. However online accross many casinos I regularly have blackjack sessions that are so bad I just cannot accept that I was dealt random cards.
nafanny29 said:
However online accross many casinos I regularly have blackjack sessions that are so bad I just cannot accept that I was dealt random cards.

I hope you are not playing Playtech BJ because that is horrendously rigged. I have a pretty neutral opinion of the other major casino software providers and i've been playing for over 3 years. After a while, those bad streaks will just seem part of the nature of the game. If you play with an (bonus) edge then you'll discover the blackjack games are pretty much even stevens in the long term.

Maybe online blackjack is just streaky and it takes getting used to. Just don't get carried away. I started on $2 a hand and went right up to over $100 in my gambling career. Then i cooled off a bit and have been betting sensibly......i still do $5-$10 a hand very often and avoid the thrill of big bets.
I have looked at the cumulative statistics for Microgaming BJ games from the past three months.
Vegas Strip BJ: 85000 hands, 100.27% return, 1.6 SD above expectation,
single deck BJ: 15000 hands, 100.016% return, 0.1 SD above expectation.
The win/loss/push ratios are within a few tenths of 1% of the expected values, the ratio of uncontested player BJ's is within a few hundredths of 1% of the expected value. Microgaming seems to be fair, at least to me.
Playtec is for sure fixed and any one playing there is crazy.
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