Do they ever answer e-mails at Belle Rock?


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Jan 23, 2005
Oslo, Norway
I play at various casinosites, but really like Lucky Nugget Casino because of the (normally) fast payouts (I have waited three days for my last withdrawal though, lol). Belle Rock Gaming Group is undoubtly solid and trustworthy, but why cant they use some of their birthday-billions making a good support-service? If you write them an e-mail, you MAY get an answer within a week or so, but lately I havent gotten any answers at all. I have e.g. sent two e-mails about change of withdrawal-methode (I cant make this e-cash-manually-change thing work...), but havent got any answer. Yes, I am familiar with the technical-problem-add poping up every time logging into the casino, but how long can this error REALLY last? And how long do we really have to wait for a live-chat at one of the biggest casinogroups? I tried to call them once, but after standing in line for 5 minutes or so (I live in Norway, so its not free for me) I decided to hang up. Any one else who share my opinion about Belle Rock support/service? Or is it just me that expects too much :what: ?
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Odd. I have experienced very late or unanswered emails with this group lately too when I sent them a few request about my lost account#s.
Maybe they are all drunk after their 1-year anniversary? :p
Poor and Crappy Customer Support!

This is a post i made at another forum.

So i check my loyalty points and i have 1,453 so i say hey lets redeem them..

I contact live support and i ask them to redeem my points.

And the persons name was Reddog!??

Well ne ways he/she/it told me that i could not redeem them until the 10th because they are redeemed on the 10th of every month which is fine by me but my account was never credited on the 10th of this month which i told him but he said yes because your account was locked... I said WHAT!!?? My account was NEVER LOCKED!!! are you kidding me? I made a deposit and played all nite and you are telling me my account was locked????

Then it/he/she told me to just wait and be patient..

I said no i will not wait and be patient they were supposed to be there this last 10th in the first place and you give me some poor excuse that my account was locked??

So thats when i told the support person thats fine keep the loyalty points and do whatever you want with them because im tired of being lied to from them and i will take my business else where.

This is truly sad.. and i loved Lucky Nuggets game play but i just will not deal with that crap from them.
My recent experiences with this group are similar. My last withdrawal at Jackpot City has been reversed to my casino account for the third time now because

- You requesting this action OR
- Documents / information that we have requested from you is still outstanding OR
- You have not met the minimum wagering requirements prescribed in the terms and conditions of the casino or poker room OR
- You have not selected a payment option within the prescribed time.

Well, none of these reasons is applicable. Btw, such vague communication really reminds me of Connecto Casino behaviour.
After the second reversal I asked them why they didn't process my withdrawal and after 2-3 day I received their reply:

Kindly be aware that your withdrawal of €XXX dated the 23 March 2005 was credited to your casino account in error. May we kindly suggest that you withdrawal your winnings once again as we have advised our Processing Payment to release your winnings as high priority.

So i made my third attempt and guess what, after 6 (!) days "work in progress" my withdrawal was reversed again! Does this mean "high priority" to bellerock?

I think they are a reputable group and I am not too worried to get paid eventually, but this is not what I expect from an eCOGRA certified casino.
I've alerted my management contact at Relle Rock regarding these complaints and I am sure he will be along shortly to find out what has gone wrong here.
I've been a bit suprised and disappointed with Belle Rock's normally good customer service lately as well.

Signed up at one I'd never played at a couple weeks ago...and after about 7 emails, it took them nearly two weeks to credit the sign up bonus. I had previously received a couple replies stating it was credited, but it never showed up in my account.

I also was talking to the live chat at River Belle the other day, and it took the person a whopping 40 minutes to answer my question...and all they did was cut and paste the terms and conditions after all that time (which did not answer my question). I was shocked at the ineptness and lack of urgency (who wants to stay on 'hold' for over 40 minutes?).

I cashed out of River Belle a few weeks ago (my first cashout there), and everything went smoothly. Then last week I made a deposit, played a bit, then cashed out. Two days later, I got an email saying my cashout was reversed back into my account for either A.) Receiving a bonus and the requirement wasn't met. B.) They asked for ID and I never sent any. or C) I requested the reversal.

Well, I received no bonus on the deposit, never even got a confirmation email about my cashout, nevermind an ID request, and I most certainly did not reverse the cashout request. I sent them a rather annoyed email back and cashed out again. I got a phone call from a service rep yesterday afternoon wanting to verify my details. I'll say this, he was great, but other than that, I'm not sure what's going on there lately, as there never seems to be anyone on the live chat feature, and they don't respond to emails.
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Slightly off topic

I received several mails and a phone call stating that I was eligible for sign up bonuses at all BR casinos as I have not played there for a year or more. The download does not work if you use Mozilla as I do. Internet Explorer was crippled on my computer due to endless adware and me trying to get rid of it. So I went to use another computer on our network to download Lucky Nugget. No joy as BR have decided their software can only be installed onto the computer that was used to download it (you have to register as it downloads and installs itself unlike other MG casinos). So then I got IE working again and got an error message due to the fact I was trying to open a second account! All I wanted to do was to use my existing account yet there was no option to enter existing account details. Well I mailed them to state they were losing revenue by doing this and a month later I have heard nothing back. Needless to say I took my money elsewhere..
yea bellerock seems be dragging its feet, i think a lot of it has to do with miscommunications between their internal divisions

my personal record: waited for over 2 hours for someone to answer my online chat from bellerock, by the time they finally answered i totally forgot what i was going to ask them :D
Ditto to all of the above...I love this group, and their payout rate, but I simply hate not getting any email response. I have a nosy roommate and a four year old, and I can't always call. Don't these casinos anticipate that when they run bday promos for a whole month, that they can expect increased volume in emails, etc? Shouldn't they plan ahead for these things and hire or schedule additional support staff? Once again, shaking my head. It just seems like the logical thing for them to do.
similar problems

Similar problems here too with this group. I won from riverbelle and it was denied. Then i spoke to livechat, it they assured me that now the withdrawal will be processed. It was denied again. Then on the third time i spoke again to livechat, and the withdrawal got processed on the third time.

Also their email service is very very poor. They hardly ever reply to emails, and if they do it takes atleast 2-5 days.

If you have trouble with them use the livechat in the softwares banking section. However i am sorry to say, that bellerock seems to have gone to be the second worst mg group after CR +(ICL). I am not saying they are rogue in any way, they are just terribly slow, and sometimes the cs doesnt seem to understand their own rules.

This brings into mind, when a friend of mine recently played on aceshigh, and he was told to wager his first purchase and bonus amount 20x on slots, even though he had met the wagering requirements for the first purchase bonus about 2 years ago with different rules. On the + side this was solved a bit later.

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kavaman said:
This brings into mind, when a friend of mine recently played on aceshigh, and he was told to wager his first purchase and bonus amount 20x on slots, even though he had met the wagering requirements for the first purchase bonus about 2 years ago with different rules. On the + side this was solved a bit later.
A friend of mine had a similar problem at Gaming Club. He even filed a complaint with ecogra, but he lost because he was not able to prove that the rules were different when he signed up.
Well, during this week, I have sent account department at Lucky Nugget four e-mails, all asking why I get my withdrawals to Neteller when I clearly have asked for them (at proccyber) to go to my Paysparkaccount. I have only got this answer:

"Thank you for emailing Belle Rock Gaming.

We apologize for the difficulty you have experienced in contacting our support centre via email.

Kindly be advised that should you wish to change your preferred withdrawal option from Neteller to Payspark you can click on or go to This is the website for our payment centre and all you need do is logon using your casino account number tlnxxxxxxxr.

We have checked your casino account and see that PaySpark account xxxxxxxxxxxx has already been selected as your preferred payment option.

We trust we have been of service to you and wish you the best of luck with all your future gaming."

After asking why I still got the money to neteller, I havent gotten any answer at all. :eek2: Oh well, there are other casinos out there with better e-mail/support-service.
They have been known to reverse withdrawels before and it sometimes take two or three withdrawel attempts to go through but not sure why it happens unless they calculate the wagering requirements wrongly. They have recently had problems with their downloads and I don't think they work for non-IE browsers anymore since over a month ago.
Yea this is how they reply, by auto reply.

Dear Player,

We apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail.

Unfortunately due to a surge in current e-mail

communication, we may not be able to resolve your

problem within our usual 36 hour time period.

If any of your queries are related to the following:

- The Belle Rock Gaming Birthday Promotion

- The Buy 50 Dollars, Get 200 Dollars Free Promotion

- Your Account Number and Password Information, or

- Withdrawal-Related queries,

We encourage your to visit our self-help web page at

We regret the inconvenience, and hope that your concerns

will be resolved as quickly as possible.

If you have any issues outside of the ones listed above,

please do not hesitate to e-mail us at We will do our best to

resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Thank you for

contacting Belle Rock Gaming Support.


Hi All,

Pingpong, please PM your details to me and I will look into this for you.

I am sorry to hear of the problems that are experienced with our support and I will be looking into this with immediate effect. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Best regards,

Belle Rock
The BelleRock representative just discovered my pm from last week - I am saying this because I would never post a complaint here before trying pm the casio representative. Hopefully I will get some information and help now.
Well,I am appalled at their service. Several days ago,I requested their support to resend me my account info as they have been misplaced. They wrote back and told me that besides the details (address,Dat of birth)etc. which I sent them,they wanted my telephone number and a statement proving my change of address. I did so and just today I received a mail notifying me that my account has been suspended because I did not send them a copy of my ID. They never requested these and I had followed their earlier instructions to the letter. So I protested and they are now replying that although they regret the frustration caused by the misinformation,its just too bad as this is what their Operations Department requires. What crap! Bellerock,is this how you treat your customers? You should admit your oversight and ask for the ID in a nicer way instead of simply locking my account.
Sounds quite odd, Chuchu.
Something in their operation seems to be majorly screwed up lately. I am not getting any responses to most of my email from them either and will probably let them "go" now. -Too much of a hassle for -nothing-
Hi All,

Again I apologize for the poor service that is hampering our business, and I assure you that we are working frantically to rectify this problem. I thank you for your patience and ask for your continued support and understanding while we rectify these issues.

Best regards,

Belle Rock
bellerock said:
Hi All,

Again I apologize for the poor service that is hampering our business, and I assure you that we are working frantically to rectify this problem. I thank you for your patience and ask for your continued support and understanding while we rectify these issues.

Best regards,

Belle Rock

I am not complaining about your lack of response. Rather,I am asking why you can lock my account just because you want a copy of my ID which you never requested for in the first place.
As always... No reply on my emails to Lucky Nugget. :(

Edit: Youre working for Bellerock, Bryan? :p I got my reply exactly a minute after making this post.
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Belle rock are useless at this. They have no contact e-mail adress. Instead you have to fill out a form that goes who-knows-where.

A while ago I requested that they stopped sending me regular mail. They acknowledged my request but do you think it has helped? Of course not. Once a month I get a package with a cd. I throw it directly in the trash and send them another mail. Same thing happens again.

By now even if I was interested in playing at online casinos I would never play at a Belle Rock casino since they don't respect my integrity.
Hi Freudian,

Please PM your details to me and I will have you removed from the mailing list. I can assure you that your integrity has never been called into question.

Best regards,

Belle Rock.

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