Do online Casino's have a 'Duty of care'?


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Oct 18, 2019
Just a quick one please everyone.

Probably sounds stupid but do online Casino's have a 'duty of care'.

Quickly lost thousands on blackjack, casino froze on me then the casino called and I was obviously heavily under the influence. (lucky me)

Asked where I got the cash from how much I earned and who I worked for and then said ok carry on. Lost a few more thousand then thought I best stop :)

Look it's just a question. If I had been the employee I would have said this guy is clearly drunk etc and had this was not his usual habit. Let's knock him off or whatever.

I don't expect my cash back that's long gone but its a serious question:)

If they don't have any responsibility whatsoever then that's fine. Question answered:)

Cheers all


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Jun 30, 1998
Did they just ask you over the phone, or did they have you send in any docs? At least they rang you to show that they cared.

As mentioned in a few other threads, source of wealth thresholds are different for many types of players depending on your habits, and how strict the SOW is being enforced at different casinos.

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