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Dec 25, 2004
these people like to rip you off after you win.i won the bj tourney last week won200 then they told me i had another account witch WAS deactivated and i opened a new one because of that(no where on there disclaimer does it say you cannot play more than one account for the contest)anyway i ony did play one account but there reason not to pay me was i had more than one account but before the deactivated my account they let me still play and deposit at casinopenthouse and then they shut it down saying they do not owe me anything plus after i won the 200 dollars(before they deactivated that account i must say it took them 2 days) i bet on the nfl won 300plus and of course they say they don't owe me that.I MUST STRESS TO YOU DO NOT EVER DEPOSIT YOUR OWN MONEY THERE OR YOU CAN SAY BYEBYE.
nope guess not,ah well win some lose some....but hey my other sports bookies don't seem to mind taking more of my money and intercasino has lots o lots of tourny's ta keep someone intersted plus there are other bj tourny's that really do pay off winners unlike casinopenthouse and liberalcasino,try and ask yourself though why give out that much rope people in to spending more and then not paying is a classic online nickel and dime move that these fly by night casinos do guy running it has less in his pocket than the welfare bum down the road.GOOD LUCK ....i give it props it is fun ta play for free
Hi Buffcasino,

Welcome to the forum. Before posting your complaint, I hope you read the following:
There are a number of casino operators/managers and affiliate managers who are members of this board, please feel free to PM them before or after you post your complaint. They should be able to assist you before things get nasty.
Hopefully you've done so since the casino manager is a member of the forum - it makes things a bit more productive when they are contacted.

In case you didn't, I'm emailing him to draw his attention to this thread.
Dear Buffcanada

Hi Buffcanada

My name is Nick and I am one of the managers at I just read what had happened and I know your account personally.

I know you did not abuse the casino and there was a mix up with the player support. I will get your check sent to you asap because I know that you played in the sportsbook and one, congrats.

This is not something to post a complaint about, you should have emailed me right away at and I would have taken care of it for you the same day.

Please contact me at if you have any more questions and I will be emailing you asap once the check is sent.

Again, I would like to apologize for any misunderstandings that occurred.

Best Regards
my mistake as well

sometimes in my anger i make snap decisions(as most do)THIS was one of those times i must appologize to casinopenthouse/liberal casino as my allegations were not false i did however rush to judgement before talking with the proper people and for that i appologize.The representitives from both casino's are very proffesional and handled this claim and myself with the utmost class.sorry again. i can admit when i am wrong
Dear Buffcanada

Hi Buffcanada

Thank you for replying back, your check should be sent out this week. I will email you right away. On a side note we have no connection to Liberal Casino except for the fact that we are both licensed with Futurebet.

Best Regards
I don't think Liberal Casino and Penthouse Casino have a common management - they have different softwares and according to the sites different managers - Liberal Casino manager is a guy called Moore, I believe.

Nick, perhaps you would like to clarify that?

well it seems things again are turning around for the worse.hmmmm not at liberal casino(after we kissed and made to speak)now everything is fine there i deposit get bonuses online help is good BUT now at casinopenthouse where they say they have no affiliation with liberalcasino,MAYBE THEY SHOULD and maybe nick can answer why after all the emails and all the talking to resolve everything(even read his post)does now the fraud department deactivate my account and say that nick told them to for opening more than one account and keep emailing me over and over.well now seems fishy well nick what are you running over there?
Liberal Casino looks like WG software to me. Unfortunately despite trying for a couple of days we have been unable to prise a response from the casino manager William Moore on the casino site and its sister sportsbook and soon to launch poker room.

After reviewing this issue, you have opened several accounts which breaches the terms and conditions.

"Players are forbidden from creating multiple accounts. Any account created beyond Player's initial one shall be viewed as void. Multiple accounts with the same name, address or IP address shall be considered one in the same. If it is determined that multiple accounts have been created by the same individual or entity, Casino Penthouse reserves the right to confiscate any winnings associated with any accounts beyond the initial account that was created."

However you have been sent a $260 check which you won and were owed. Your account however will be deactivated because you breached the terms and conditions. There is no reason why you should complain because you still received all of your money and most casino's would not even give you that. I made sure you receive your winnings and that is the best I can do.

Jetset, the other casino is powered by Futurebet and they had the same problem.

Best Regards

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