DO NOT deposit with POLi!


Jul 31, 2012
The system is broken, it shows success, takes your money and does not credit your casino account.
I've done dozens of successful transfers before but I just tried on 32red and jackpotcity, both the same thing.
They say it will be working in 30 minutes but I found an old thread on a different forum about the same thing happening and them repeatedly saying 30 more minutes for 7 hours.
Avoid for the next few days to be safe.

I'd been up all night waiting for funds to hit my bank account so i could deposit, it's 5am now and looks like I've just wasted a bunch of time.
I prefer to use my credit card when depositing.
If you go to withdraw when you have deposited with POLi it sends you through Skrill.
And they charge ~5% on withdrawals. (I withdrew $100 and the charge was roughly $5.)
Not worth it imo.
I deposited to 2 casinos today via poli without any problems.
I prefer poli then credit card use.
lag wait

sometimes there lag between poli actions and credits appearing ive had it take half hour once
use skrill then use poli in there thing and connect your bank account to skrill take me under 2 working days and only costs $5 for any amount
...and only costs $5 for any amount
Only $5? That's is heaps in my books.
I've contacted POLi recently they don't want to discuss withdrawals.

@frosty If you withdraw via bank transfer from internet casinos you risk getting bank charges. Unless the casino in question has an Australian bank account and my guess is not many do. Like, I know Guts don't.

The best option (that I am aware of) for Aussies is to deposit via credit card and withdraw with credit card.
australia and credit cards

some banks here wont support credit card withdrawals i have done it in the past. i did use ecocard for the convinince but the costs out weighed that i dont mine paying a flat fee of under a 5ver and do like to keep my bank records cleaner so i just use skrill and keep my bankroll there when i get up past $500 i cash in $400 pay the 5 fee and use the rest to bankroll my next deposits :) i can deposit with my cred card to skrill and use poli. and if somthing goes wrong with the skrill deposit i can get support from skrill and get it fixed :)

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