Do NOT deposit at BetMGM

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Jun 13, 2009
Not sure how many people will see this, but its best to avoid MGM (Casino/Sportsbook). Currently, I imagine this only applies to New Jersey residents. Long story short, it comes down to payout issues. From experience, IF you request a withdrawal that is only a fraction of what you've deposited, you SHOULD get the standard fast processing time (for PayPal withdrawals). A typical withdrawal will be insta-approved (sometimes you receive the APPROVAL email BEFORE you receive the email saying it is WAITING FOR APPROVAL). That's all very nice.

The problem arises when you request a withdrawal that is MUCH larger than your recent deposits. (I'm not talking "large" in terms of overall dollar amount, just large compared to your total deposits. Say 40x your typical deposit size for example. If you do this, they will hold your withdrawal request and NOT approve it. It will sit in a Pending status (full reversible), for "up to 5 business days". After that, not sure what will happen...I've seen them move it to a "waiting for verification" status....then BACK to "pending". The reason this is a big problem is because it is completely arbitrary and based on the percentage of your winnings above your deposits. (according to me----they will say "its a standard withdrawal processing time"). However when you've had FIFTEEN straight, small deposits accepted in seconds, and sent to PayPal in 1-3 hours max, it becomes glaringly obvious what they are doing. This, by itself is reason not to play there (God forbid you hit it big)---add in the fact that no one from MGM will admit or even acknowledge the fact that your last 15 withdrawals were "instant" is enough proof to me of rogue withdrawal practices.

To be clear, I'm not complaining about a 5 day withdrawal processing time. Its the fact that they choose to delay any withdrawals where you've won more than you've deposited, and support refuses to even acknowledge the fact that your last 15 withdrawals were instantaneous. Just trying to spread the word. Best of luck everyone!

(On the more honest side of things, I can report consistent 24-48 hour total withdrawal time-frames for BetFair/FanDuel and Golden Nugget, regardless of win size).
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When I read this, I thought it was going to be about one of those rogue 1668/JAZ sites.
Part of the reason could be that larger withdrawals require auditing or checking above a certain amount, but that wouldn't take 5 days. You also said it doesn't appear to be the actual monetary amount anyway that causes the issue, so auditing seems unlikely.

If, as you suspect, your account is being 'micro-managed' then it's crappy behaviour and I would suggest this is due to the NJ Licensing and operations being in their infancy relative to the UK say. We used to get this kind of crap too, the stalling tactics on winning players but as licensing develops and the NJ gambling body gets hold of this issue then it should (albeit far too slowly) be prohibited.

It's greedy and counter-intuitive anyway as players paid quick will always return as they trust the payment and withdrawal process - I'm telling you now that 90% of my online losses to date have been with casinos that pay quickly, whatever the amount. Start pissing me about, I wait it out then never go back.
Interestingly enough, BetMGM were sponsoring the coverage on DAZN on the recent Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz heavyweight fight in Saudi Arabia. Their odds on the fight were being displayed during each round.

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