Do most casinos require SSN for real play?


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May 15, 2003
As you can imagine, I'm not thrilled about the idea of giving my social security number to an offshore organization. Am I stuck with this if I want to gamble online, or is this a RiverBelle idiosyncrasy?


- Case
Hi Case,
When you registered with Riverbelle, and they asked for your social security number, there should be a the word "optional" in parenthesis right next to the question. If there is the "optional" choice, then just skip that question. However, if it is mandatory, I would not give my SSN either. Hope this helps.
Wellll, lookitthat. There's ain't no Red Splat of Being Required next to the SSN/ID Number field. My Pappy done tol' me a I should learn to read.

Thanks very much!

- Case

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