Do MG Casino's allow to spin the roulette without placing a bet ?


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Feb 10, 2007
Hi !

Just a question:
Do Microgaming casino's allow you to spin the roulette wheel without placing a bet ?
( Casino's: All slots Casino , All Jackpots Casino, Lucky Nugget Casino )

Thanks !
Actually the answer is yes in European Roulette Gold of Microgaming (flash & download).

You place bet, then clear bet. Now you can spin without bet.

Thank you ! But is this too in the real money feature ?
Some casino's only allow it in the guest feature...

Thanks for the replies,

But which casino is ERG ? Im sorry, i dont know the abbreviations yet..:oops:

And please don't re-start the discussion about roulette strategies.
I told that i absolutely believe you all, but i just have to try things and see things myself to believe it, it doesn't matter for me if i lose a couple of bucks with that...

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