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Jul 24, 2015
Hey guys, got myself into a stupid situation by being careless and wondering if I have any chance at getting my winnings back at all.

Ages ago I had signed up to a casino that if I remember correctly had sent me an email without me being associated with them in any way. I didn't trust the casino due to this but as they were offering a good signup bonus ( think it was no deposit) I used a different email address in case they were the spammy fake casinos.

This has now come back to haunt me as I have now signed up to a casino that is part of their group. I won a decent amount but winnings got confiscated as I was apparently banned from that other casino a while ago. Looking at my bank statements from them, I'm pretty sure I was at a net loss but probably taken too many of their offers. I had no idea the original casino had banned me though as I don't check the "junk" email often as its full of junk. I used my normal email address for the casino I signed up to recently.

I don't play anywhere near as much as before but know to check casino associations just in case. Problem here was that this casino group has lot of brands and the one brand I had signed up before was only showing the first part of the name which made me miss it.

Careless on my part and it seems I don't have much leg to stand on but it's just so hard to keep track of everywhere you may have played ages ago.

It just feels like casinos can make win-win situations for themselves because if I had lost, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have refunded me but even if they would, I wouldn't have known that I was banned to ask for a refund...

Its silly that casinos don't have systems in place to stop this from happening, apparently because I used a different email address ( All other details - name, address, DOB etc were exact) their system did not trigger any suspicion until I asked for a withdraw... convenient.

I know I should have been more careful, but these sort of situations create a win-win opportunity for casinos. If in 20 years time, I decide to join a new casino, will I have to dig up my life worth of emails to find every single casino I may have played at?

I think either casinos should scrutinise their players before they deposit/play, whether that is automatic or manual or accept that they have taken that customers bets. I would understand if I was trying to deceive them by using different name or address, but I just didn't know they were part of the same group or that they had banned me.

Wonder what the legality of sending an email that may not be seen as a way to ban someone from ever playing on any different casino of that group is. What evidence is there that email even exists. I tried to enter my email but its asking for security questions as I haven't logged into it for a while and struggling to get in.

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Jul 27, 2016
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Have you checked if the casino has a rep here: Admins, Indentured servants, Moderators and iGaming representatives - if they do, contact them and ask for assistance.

If they don't, you can make use of the PAB process provided by Casinomeister. Read about it here: Submit Your Online Casino Complaint - Casinomeister

Without having more information like casino names; why you were banned etc., it's hard for readers here to provide advice / assistance other than the above.

Some advice: always keep a list of casinos you play at. There are easily 1000+ active casinos and many share licenses, platforms and support. So, if you did something wrong at one, you could find yourself in situations like this.

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