Do I PAB or...


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Feb 25, 2008
Split / Zagreb
... I've registered at a well known and commonly mentioned bookie/casino.

I've been playing for the past weeks.
Their software - ChartWell - is made so that the bonus is pending till you wager enough, then it gets released.
I wagered enough. And then some, and then some more.
In fact I gambled by now over twice the requirement as I don't mind gambling.

But due to some glitch (I assume) the bonus hasn't been released.
That's no prob, I email them - and msg them through their website's msg service - about it.
And their CS more often than not either replies nothing or says something that's simply incorrect.

In fact, the only reason I heard for it not being released was "As I've already emailed you, the bonus isn't even pending in your acc". Not only is that incorrect - as I wasn't emailed such thing and somebody got confused - it is also ridiculously easy for me to check - I just click the "My Account" and it's still there shown as "pending", lol.
I took a screenshot of it, msged them back.

I emailed them asking then to check it out. I have deposited through the right page, wagered enough, haven't played restricted games. That covers all possible bumps along the way.
No response.
And this isn't the case of betting the WR and stopping. What I gambled by now is well over twice over the requirement (!). I gamble (a little :D).

I msg them again, no response.
This has been taking well over 2 weeks since the first email. And the first one alone was more than enough to direct their attention in the right direction as it laid out all the necessary info.

What's next?

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Jan 20, 2004
Yes, it does sound like Pitch-A-Bitch time. On the other hand you should know that issues for this particular place (as specified to me in your PM) are all being referred to Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) .

Don't let that stop you from submitting the PAB, but don't be surprised if it simply ends up getting bumped over to the Malta people.

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