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Dec 6, 2004
Parts, Unknown
I played at a Micro Game Casino. My inital deposit was $200 with 100% bonus. The bonus is to be credited in a few hours automatically. So I played, won and cashed out with my own money. Im I still entitled to my bonus? No where in their terms did it state I couldn't receive it. I did the samething with CasinoShare and they credit it a few days after I cashed out. Belle Rock also did it and AllSlots.

I tried to explain them that no where in their terms did it state that I couldn't receive it. But they just insist that I don't. They are accredited but im thinking of not playing there because of the bs they keep telling me.

Part of the chat session:
You are now chatting with 'Jo '
Jo : Welcome to the Casino Support Desk. How can I help you?
ts: I was about to deposit another $300 but im now undecided because I never received my inital deposit bonus
Jo : hello Antonio
Jo : i see that you made a withdrawal on the same day that you made your first deposit, is that correct?
ts: yes, but Im still entitled to my bonus...If I lost it all before I received the bonus...would I still be entitled to it?
Jo : if you did not withdraw from the casino, you would have received the initial match bonus.. Please refer to the following link: Old / Expired Link
ts: i did and where does it says If I win and withdraw..."BEFORE I GET MY BONUS IM NOT ENTITLED TO IT???"
Jo : please hold Antonio
Jo : Antonio, please go to the following link: Old / Expired Link and refer to section 2.1 RULES , next to the 13th dot
ts: yes I've read it...but I never received a BONUS
ts: Until I receive a bonus...These rules doesnt apply and that only means IF a have a bonus and withdrawal before I met requirements then the bonus is lost from my bonus account
Jo : even though you did not receive the match bonus, the money was on its way to you and put on hold while security checks were done on your account. But as soon as you made a withdrawal, you forfeited the bonus.
ts: Get real
ts: LMAO
ts: on the way??? LMAO
ts: This is the only Microgame casino that has done this
ts: Im entitled to a match deposit bonus NO MATTER WHAT
ts: No where does it states I loses any bonus if I cashout before I Receive one
I'm surprised you received a bonus anywhere on a deposit that you cashed out on. I've always been under the assumption that if you cashout, you forfeit any bonus you may have had coming for that deposit. Never even tried to claim a bonus for a deposit I withdrew. Maybe just me.
Perhaps I'm reading this wrong but this is from their terms.

# If a Player makes a withdrawal, their bonus account is reset to zero. This means that if a Player chooses to take back the money they deposited, they will lose any bonus money they may still have remaining in their Bonus Account.

But I don't really see why it would matter if you already recieved your bonus or that your bonusrequest was processed at the moment you requested your cash in.. I read it as: once a withrawal is made your bonus will be removed.

But he, just my 2ct.. :)
I'm surprised you received a bonus anywhere on a deposit that you cashed out on. I've always been under the assumption that if you cashout, you forfeit any bonus you may have had coming for that deposit. Never even tried to claim a bonus for a deposit I withdrew. Maybe just me.
Totally agree!
I am absolutely amazed that you managed to get away with this 'bonus abuse' at any MG casino! :eek2:

Do you have a case? No!
I don't think you have a case. Anywhere I've played.... if I withdrew before I received my deposit.... I lose the bonus. I think that is pretty standard.
Agree with above posters, since you withdrew you forfeited any bonus (even though it wasn't yet awarded).
Lord_Have_Mercy you should have had more patience waiting for the bonus or emailed CS about it before withdrawing. But there's no way you'd be entitled to one after withdrawing.
dont be so sure....just a few days ago, my wife played the free spin thing at blackjackballroom. won over $200, and made the required deposit in order to get the bonus cash transferred to her account...while playing on her initial deposit, she managed to amass quite a bankroll...before the bonus was credited to her account...and actually found the withdrawl button. money was in neteller 2 days later, and is now at the grocery store...or soccer , or i may have drank some of it....:)

where is the abuse?...she made the mandatory deposit, won, and cashed out...then they credited the bonus....if thats a concern of any casino, then they need to get their heads out of their collective asses, and credit the bonus instantly. funny how the software is able to take my cash instantly, but if i win....i get to wait....that..IMHO, is abuse. i should add that they did indeed credit her bonus even after the fact that she had made a withdrawl before them crediting her bonus
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Doesn't seem particularly abusive to me. After all, if they'd waited for the bonus, they'd have not only won, but fulfilled the wagering requirements on the bonus as well. If it doesn't say you can't do it in the terms, then why not?
The important part of cinema casino's terms is this:
[q]Any cashin request before the minimum wagering requirements are fulfilled in full will result in the bonus being removed and/or your cash-in will be token refunded to your casino account. [/q]

You cashed in before the minimum wagering requirements were fulfilled (heck, before the bonus was even deposited!).

So they're justified in not granting the bonus. But hey, if they did grant the bonus... yay!

I hope you won a lot. But it's generally better to wait until the bonus gets credited to start playing with these things.

It's a matter of casino practice. My understanding has always been that a deposit bonus was intended to be played along with the deposit. I suspect more and more casinos are tightening up, as what is to stop a player depositing, barely playing and then withdrawing just the deposit, and then saying they should still get the bonus. Automated systems cannot tell the difference, and will either credit the bonus anyway because the developers had not thought of this loophole, or will be blocked due to past exploitation of said loophole. Crypto casinos now ban the removal of the deposit before WR is complete, and other casinos will block a bonus if a withdrawal is made between qualifying for a bonus, and it being awarded.

Sadly, T & C never are clear on all possible outcomes, and in such cases the casino will always make an interpretation in their own favour, some may consider vague terms are deliberate, so as to allow flexibility in the direcetion of the casino.

If you really want the bonus, they may consider granting it if you reverse the withdrawal, or you can take the winnings and try out a new bonus elsewhere, learning from this experience.

If a casino takes ages to credit a bonus for me, it takes ages for them to see any play on the account, and they don't make any money that way. Many casinos now seem to be going down the route of instantly crediting bonuses.

The excuse given in this case for the wait was that it enabled security checks to be made before granting this bonus, therefore, there should be NO CASES where winnings are denied AFTER the fact, as the security checks have already been made (or the operators are lying about the reasons for the wait).
Many casinos now seem to be going down the route of instantly crediting bonuses.

Obviously you don't play at the Gaming Club :mad:

I didn't want to play there again after the whole gift rap fiasco, but I was bored so I deposited.......I said to myself there is no way I am going to run into problems with my bonus this week, well I did.....3 weeks ago it took the bonus 12 hours to reach my account after calling them numerous times, 2 weeks ago the bonus took 8 hours after calling only a few times, and then tonight they were at it I called up and the same man answered the phone I talked to last week (he has a memorable name) so I asked him what was the problem with my bonus, he said they were having "technical difficulties" but it was just fixed within the last hour (this is the EXACT same line of bullshit he fed me last week and the week before, I mean his exact words)

This time I am out of there for good! They don't give a shit about their players, and the more and more I read, the more and more I realize this.

This is just me

I only play (if I ever indulge in a bonus) at a casino that credits my bonus instantly. If they don't, I call them until they do or I dont play because I would be afraid of the consequences.

I am not here to judge whether it's bonus abuse or a stingy casino, I just feel that bonuses are intended to be played concurrent to your deposit, that's the point of them giving bonuses. They are a business to make money, on the other hand, I feel it's a chance they take for not giving the bonus right away. They have excuses but they sure take our deposits instantly
It's not really abuse if you play, win, and then cash out while the casino is stalling crediting the bonus. But to consider lodging a complaint when they don't credit it (after wdw) certainly is.

For reload bonuses, Belle Rock has a clever system in place. Namely, they don't credit the bonus instantly. If the player is not patient and plays before the bonus is credited, then that play does not count towards the WR.
Happened to me once and the casino still credited the bonus. But I wouldn't have expected it and neither would I have asked them for it :) This isn'yt abuse but it's the end of the story regarding the bonus IMO.

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