Do honest casinos rig in fun-mode?


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May 8, 2005
I have been trying some new games and tactics ect in fun-mode on intercasino.
And I have created my own image of that risks are on those and those games.

but I've only tried it in fun-mode. So I was wondering if they have rigged it a little to help me, so if I started to play for real, the chances of loosing is a little bigger than in fun-mode.
At Intercasino? No.
But remember that their 'fun mode' can be played off-line, so the results of ALL games is generated from the RNG in your own PC, not their server!

My personal (somewhat controversial) view is that all their games are more or less fair, except their real money Blackjack which is more or less rigged.
i would have to say yes, for the fun modes at MG, everytime i play the slots or keno in fun mode i just keep winning and winning and winning.

however i would say that the actual real money play is more or less genuine.

conversley, i would say that the playtech fun modes plays fair, but the real money does not. this is probably by accident i reckon as the fun mode is probably set to pay out higher than the real mode, but becos playtech is so blatant in their real money games, it ends up with the fun mode playing at the corrrect level by mistake rather than design.
The usual casino really shouldn't.

An exception is if the Casino or Bingo encourages free play by offering prizes to free players. Then they often have the free games win more often so you can get your prizes.
of course they rig free play games

new to this site but have an amazing amount of wriing to do with proof to back it up..casinos depend on mug punters ie all of us who seriously think you can win ..of course a very very small %%%% of people hit the jackpot and casinos splash your name allover thier site..what about the 1000s of losers everyday dont hear them mention free play games will of course pay out <mythically> cause people thenm go wow this is easy way to make some ..cmon people wake up online casinos are FIXED they even tell you howmuch they payout surely gettin that info goes to prove its not above board....j
From what I have seen the fun mode is usually run from a seperate game server so it would be originally programed the same. If a casino changes the number of decks or pay out structures on certain games, those changes are not reflected on the free mode games.
I've played in fun mode before, and I spent as much time using their bank for free credits as I do for paid credits... So I'd guess they're pretty much even.
I played a roulette system at Global Player in fun mode every day for 2 weeks and won 13 of 14 days. I have played the exact same system several times with real money and lost every single time. Makes you wonder...
I think most free play games are more player friendly than the real games. I had the same experience as the previous poster. Exploitable patterns that appear in free play mode disappear when you play for real. There has to be a reason why the free play games are usually on a separate server. Apparently, the programs are not the same. You should never rely on free play results to test a system or strategy.

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