Do ev+ bonuses exist?


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What is an EV+ bonus?
A bonus with "positive expected value" - at least in the mathematical sense. For example, if you had a £10 bonus with 10x wagering requirements and played 97% slots, you would expect (in the long run) to lose 3% across that £100 of wagering - or an "expected value" of £7 profit.

Naturally it can vary wildly for any individual player, but in the long run a casino would expect to lose money from EV+ promotions - it's a loss leader or a loyalty reward.

Just a quick question. Do positive EV bonuses actually exist or are they all in the casinos favour?
They tend to be a rare beast now-a-days, because there are enough advantage players out there capable of exploiting them that the casino doesn't have a loss leader, they just have a loss!

If anything, I would say we have gone to the other extreme - plenty of 100 times (or worse) bonus requirements now-a-days, fine if you want to extend your playtime, but best to avoid if you expect to actually withdraw something!