Do Europacasino and titan casino pay? Anyone experienced a payout?


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I was just wondering if Europacasino and Titan casino are good casino's and do they pay?
Just asking to be safe.


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Can't comment on Europa but Titan (RTG ) has generated a number of complaints and issues since its change in "ownership" to the winpalace group (winpalace, slots jungle, titan).

Prior to this they were fine however bonuses now max cashout variety and issues re payments and stalling, privacy, misleading bonus offers and spamming has arisen, Can't recommend them at all anyomore. Suggest you try the RTGs on the accredited list



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Europacasino - Playtech? i did get a payment from them a few month ago after usual docs verification + 4 days waiting.
They were OK but i don't really have a very good feeling about them.


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Thanks for the info people..
Gonna check the accredited list also.

I have a withdrawal in 1 casino.. And today it has been approved.. So I'll keep you peepz informed.. When I receive the payment (or not) I'll let you know:D

Playtech is my favour software cause I like the design, but most casino's who use this software aren't that great, even though I haven't experienced it yet. So I hope I'll have a good experience!


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i once cashed out 2400 @ eurocasino and it was a bitch.. really bad experience.
BUT they did pay me eventually, i'll hope your withdraw will go alot smoother..


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WOOHHOOO Europacasino does freaking PAY!! Yes.. Just got my 14.000 euro in my bankaccount whahahahaha COOL!
Europacasino rules!

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