Disgusted with paddy power


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Jan 3, 2015
sadly although in recent times I have praised PP for its outlook on things,
They to have now been sent to room 101 and my account closed.
I have been a high stakes player on there for around 2 years and was obviously VIP.
I had my own VIP rep, (Jamie hyland) who contacted me way back in October last year, as i had issues with the payout on a game Vs what i believed to be due having read the rules of the game etc.

(it was spinal tap, and i calculated the win was worth £21,000 but it only paid £2140.)
details available on request as the issue is still there if anyone wants to try the same thing as i maintain the game is incorrect)

He was initially quite helpful when we started discussing this and agreed with my math.

The long and the short of it was that PP as a company refused to budge and i commenced legal action
I sent them a LBA and was contacted again by jamie who it would appear off his own back decided to offer me a £5K no strings setllement.

i truly didnt want to take it, as i am still sure the payout was wrong but in reality it would have taken a year to get to court and would have had to go through impartial mediation first ( I refuse to use IBAS as they are funded by the casinos, so i fail to see how they are able to be "impartial" )

And it was just before xmas and the costs involved were going to mean i was not that much better off even if/when i won the case so reluctantly accepted it.

during the time all this was going on, i limited my account to £100 a day as i do from time to time have the odd tilt session and didnt want to give them much more money until this got resolved

once it was resolved i asked for my level to be lifted as i felt that had at least met me half way and that was more than many would have done. (albeit that i think he knew i had a case, and the ability to follwo it through )

so fast forward 6 months now....

i have asked twice for my limit to be lifted
Both times i have been given a date this will take place and it hasnt !

i wasnt that fussed as was playing more elsewhere however still played there most days....

anyways 3 days ago i was playing 6 appeal (my weakness)

and finally hit a decent feature... although smaller stakes sadly...

but 186 spins at 3x multiplier...

a few spins in it looked like it had dropped a larger multiplier in but the game crashed and screen went blank...

Logged back in and nothing

went to history and last game shows a loss with zero return.

Phoned them up and they couldnt see a broken game but will look into it....

48 hours now passed and nothing so phoned them last night and got told still looking blah blah blah and so i asked to speak to my or a VIP rep.

she spoke to them as apparently my spend last month wasnt sufficient and therefore i have gone down a tier and i am not entitled to speaking to them on the phone.

i suggested that she went back and asked again as i felt having been a top tier VIp for 18 months + without a break dipped down once and basically get told im not worthy and fuck off...

So i texted jamie

no response
called him
no response

i have not a had a single bonus this year other than the automatic £10 on a monday if you wager £500 or more the previous week.... no ad hocs no nothing.....

so i phoned them back last night and told them that as my custom is not valued it would appear to close my account immediately and should they by some miracle resolve my broken game (which they wont, cos i had this on coral on the same game about 3 years ago and it would appear realistic gaming have a shit back up proceedure, then pay the funds into my account....

saddens me really though that they really dont give a shit in reality.....

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