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Feb 14, 2003
I recently deposited 100 pounds into 32red.com online casino. I recieved a 60 pounds bonus and started to play at the casino. I lost the 60 pounds bonus quite quickly and decided the casino wasnt for me. I attempted to withdraw my deposit , a few days a later i recieved an e mail saying i would have to play my deposit a further 13 times before i could cash out. I think it is a disgrace that this online casino can keep my money even though i have not risked it. I was not attempting to withdraw any winnings or bonus money , just my own unrisked deposit. I do not believe this greedy policy is fully explained in their Terms and Conditions. Is there anything that can be done about this?
Hi Teapota,

How do you differentiate between the bonus money, your deposit, and they credits that you are playing? You can't. Once you accept a bonus into your account, it is considered a part of your "credit".

Just like if you had a half cup of coffee and refilled it to the top. When you drink it, you can't tell the difference between the old coffee and the new. It's all mixed together. This is the norm for most casinos. There is nothing disgraceful or geedy going on here, and it's all covered in their Terms and Conditions.

What you should have done is open a play for fun account (it's the first option you are given after the download) and played that until you felt like playing for real.

I'm sorry you had a run of bad luck at 32Red. 32Red is really a good casino and it may payoff sticking around. I play there often as well, and they have a tight management.
Unfortunately, not if you accepted the bonus. There is no such thing as playing with the bonus but not the deposit.

There is no way you will ever be able to play at any casino without risking your own money. 32Red is no different from any other online casino as far as this goes, but their reputation is very good.
Another fine analogy is repaying a loan at the bank. You pay the interest first, then the principle. So it is true with the casino. You are playing with your money first, then the casino bonus.
Ah no you can withdraw your deposit at alot of casinos. You just forfeit the bonus if you don't meet the requirements. Inter I have been able to withdraw my deposit. will hill, omni, vegas country,etc.32red is just greedy.
Not really rainman, those are the exceptions rather than the rule. And if you do that at intercasino, will hill, omni, any cryptologic casino, it doesn't clear your debt. You still have to meet those previous wagering requirements and any subsequent wagering requirements before you'll be allowed to w/d more than your deposit amount.

What 32red did in this case is no different from about 90% of the other casinos out there. You get a bonus and start wagering, you're committed to finishing the wagering before you w/d anything.
yes more than your deposit amount yes. Your deposit amount u can withdraw at the majority regardless of wagering requirements. I did not meet the requirements but cashed out my deposit.32 red won't give u your deposit back until the requirements are met. That is very rare.
I may be wrong, but from what I have read at all the online casino's, you play your deposit first, then the bonus .. Attach Removed (Old not found)
Exactly right jinnia, I stand by my statement that the casinos that rainman is talking about are the exception and not the rule. I play at several dozen casinos and can count on one hand the ones that will let you w/d your deposit after you start playing and lose the bonus. It certainly is NOT the majority that allow this before you meet wagering requirements. If it were, they wouldn't be making much money.

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