Discussion - Lower Winnings... Do you think the US Bill Worries are causing it?


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Oct 16, 2003
Lately, I've noticed people are complaining about not winning as much as they used to on the same amount of money.

Heck, I've noticed it myself.

However, this question arose:

Is the lack of winning and the possibility of the US Bill making Online Gambling illegal somehow connected?

Are there any thoughts on the Industry - or from the industry regarding this?

I'm not exactly sure what I think about it - whether it is true or just another "drama" story from the gambling gangs - but it did cross my mind, and I figured it could be an interesting discussion - especially here.

(Provided the Casinomeister does not mind me posting it.)

What do you think?

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Of course I don't know for sure lucky, but if the online casino world has resigned itself to losing it's vast american "empire" of depositors, it only makes sense that they would grab as much cash as they can before the cash cow dries up. I'm not saying that is happening, but you are right, it does seem that all games on all software have become quite "tight" these last couple of months. Let's hope the senate does the right thing, and does nothing on this bill. Doing nothing shouldn't be to difficult for a bunch of bureaucrats, don't you think?? LOL!!

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