disconnection on red32 and others?


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Oct 2, 2011
sweet mother of god! Does anyone else get this constant issue on these casino's? The live chat always disconnects on me and so does the casino. I have no problem anywhere else but these. There have been nights where its taken me 15 minutes to get an answer from support because I have to keep closing it and re-trying.


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Jun 3, 2011
Yep,although these have happened less and less for me.Its the sound problems I have been having for months thats been annoying me-I uninstalled the casino tonight as its really getting on my nerves and I'm just typing out the same support email way too often.


Sep 28, 2010
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Problems like these can have many remedies, and some problems are not exposed until you are in a circumstance that has a bearing on how your browser/internet connection has been configured, a lot of these are related to how your cookies are set and if they expire to quickly and time outs involving packets when connecting to a certain server, also, your security suite can be a major contributor to these problems (especially your firewall), now say for argument sake you are playing at a certain casino and need to speak to a CS and that CS is set up on the same IP/server that your firewall has been set to safe with, then there are np`s, but, when you use others you are connecting to something other than your security software recognises, it can block them, if you have set it up not to warn you then you will not realise this is happening.

Advance internet connection settings - When you are connected to a server there are certain configs that apply, some involve packets (data etc) that are sent/received, these have specific settings that are time based ie:- If no packets are received within <random ms> your connection will time out, there are certain softwares out there that will maximise your internet settings I use IObit and advanced system care, next time you are connected to 32Red check the IP`s out in your firewall and do a tracert on these IP addresses, I will let you do a bit of research on how to do these, but they are pretty straightforward ;).

Hope this helps :).