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Jan 18, 2003
Yes, I am very disapointed by players! I always have tried to give them the chance on my portals to express themselves and give their opinions on online casinos, but it seems that every one in the players community doesn't care, apart for yelling in forums, and I write this here for a good reason.

9 out of 10 people that I read in various forums are shooting to casino portals because they are advertising for this casino, or for this one, because they don't like it, feel they have been ripped off, or think that the software is not fair. OK. But when it is given to you the chance to participate in a casino portal and to share your experiences, nobody doesn't care.

I have written in a promo ads section an invitation to rate various online casinos, based on your experience with them, on a new site I have created. Guess what? After 24 hours, not one has come and has rated one online casino. How much it takes to rate 3 or four online casinos you have experimented? Five minutes? It is too much?

By the past I have tried to collect comments from players too on online casinos I was listing, WITHOUT even letting my portal url nor my portal email. Just an hotmail address to don't think I was spamming. Very few have been interested (2). I even let the chance to people to submit online casinos for review. But the only one using it are online casino owners themselves...

So don't come yelling to portals because they are not researching enough or are advertising for this or this other casino... Because you fail to give a bit of your time for helping the mess. It's a bit egoistic. The only place where I see people complaining is Meister and WO, but boy! New players are not visiting only Meister or WO, or even reading their forums!

So what's up now? Will I have to copy/paste players testimonials I find on casino websites to fill up a section that I have created for players? Will I have to inflate vote numbers? You be the judge.

And I don't hope a sudden wake up, I just wanted to express my opinion.

Sorry, am in a bad mood.

(Bryan I don't include my sig on this one ;) )
(my opinion) I just like to say, that...

-I receive your newsletter
-You ask once about forum-thing in your newsletter, i answer via e-mail
-There is too much gambling portals, gambling sites, gambling this and gambling that. :rolleyes:
-If site/portal/whatever offer something unique, then i like it...
But like you know, there is too much boring-portals/sites.
But i can say... i still receive your newsletter. And believe me, there is too many newsletters/etc, where i press unsubscribe link.

Nowday i only read regularly Casinomeister's, Got2Bet, GoneGambling and your newsletters... sometimes... well, what i get :)
Many thanks for your reply, Sodax77. :) Sure, there are thousands of portals everywhere, this is something that don't help a lot... and can make people bored - and don't want to participate at all.

We always have tried to add something unique in our sites... thus having a real added value, and proposing this "player side" options.

However, since I am in the web marketing - a long time and not only in the gambling area - I have learnt that a user's feedback is VERY valuable and also VERY rare - even if you have a great, perfect product, people don't take the initiative to write comments on it - even when they are invited, there are a very small percentage that reply. I have people ready to pay the double of a product I sell, but are too lazy to take their keyboard and write some congrats.

Things are a bit different in this industry because the players community needs to voice his opinions and experiences about online casinos, and feedback is very important.

PS: Always nice to be associated with the biggies! :cool: ;)
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You've probably saw and even read my post about 10 favorite casinos. You can see the results, which are zero. People generally don't like spend time on such staff untill they are paid for it ;). BTW, even payments didn't work well, I offer some free money for filled top and only 4 people posted in two month.
But sometimes people do something in appreciation, if you ask. E.g. I got number of votes at Gambling.com from my visitors and have nice positions there even though my sites are not as big as WOL, GG or CM.
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