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Jun 4, 2005
On Monday, June 27th, I opened an account at SportsInterAction Casino. I made a deposit but the account got screwed up and the account was created in pounds. I immediately IMed the online customer support who told me I needed to call back the following day and that the account could be changed into dollars in 5 minutes.

So I called first thing in the morning the following day, Tuesday, June 28th, and I was assured that it would be taken care of that day. After several follow up calls each day without results, I told the customer support rep on Thursday that if the problem was not addressed by the end of the day, I was withdrawling my deposit. I was again assured that the problem would get taken care of promptly. But when I logged into my casino account Thursday afternoon, the account had been changed into US dollars, but the balance was now $0.00. I never placed a single wager and now my deposit is gone!

When I called customer NON-support at the end of the shift, I got the usual run around about the accounts department needed to fix the problem but that this department had left for the day, and the customer support supervisor was out sick. I have to speak to a condescending customer support rep who calls me by my first name. When I informed him that I was upset about my deposit disappearing and that someone in the AWOL accounts department needs to get off his/her ass and do some work, this customer NON-support rep chastises me for using profanity. I explained that ass was not profane and that I would report this fraud here on Casinomeister.

I logged in today, now Friday, July 1, 2005, and I still have no money in my SportsInterAction Casino account!

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Funny, after posting here I got the following response. The "Accounts department" appears to have been closed all week, because this is the same stall I have received all week. It is particularly galling that they have taken my deposit after I stated that the deposit would be withdrawn. Now I have nothing to withdrawal, and I never got to wager a dime.

And no the account was not in Euros...

Thank you for being a member of Sports Interaction.
> I would just like to make you aware of the situation with your
>funds. We had to close your Euro account and open up a new USD one. The
>funds are currently in the Euro account and will need to be transferred over
>to the new account by our Accounts department. Unfortunately, since we have
>a Holiday in Canada today, the Accounts department is closed. They will be
>back on Monday. I have previously emailed them to transfer the funds over
>and they are fully aware of this situation.
>> I understand that you would like access to your funds as soon as
>possible. I will do my best to see to this.
>Kind Regards,
>Hannah Armstrong
>Sports Interaction Support Team
i wouldn't worry about it to much,yeah they are kinda beating around the bush but si is a really great site as i play there all the time(poker,booky.....etc)it is kind of odd they took so long but you will get this striaghtend out i am sure of it and i do think all boss media outlets are one of the best going.
CROGO, has your account been straightened out??
If you need help with SIA please email me at guru@casinoguru.org. I advertise for them and think that they are a good group. If theres anything I can do to help please email me with your problem and I will look into it for you.

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