Direx Casino - long wait on payouts?


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Jul 16, 2017
Melbourne Australia
Has anyone els having long wait on payouts. All so few times over last couple weeks i got free spins but it never started. Contact support they say that they will look into it and get back to me still waiting support is useless. Be careful using there casino i have only use the playamo and king billy one tho .


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May 31, 2015
Playamo partners and alpha affiliates are special. Read their terms. I had the pleasure to discover spinia support before having the confirmation of their special treatment.
Basically their bonuses terms are very unclear and vague. Gives them the right to void any winnings if their decision is that your bonus ratio is too high. Ask the support for your bonus ratio to be sure to respect terms? Well no. Agents will tell you there is no possibility to give such info. But go on with your bonus play ;)
There is no way I will play with a bonus if there is a small chance I get robbed even with proper gameplay and respect of rules. When this happened, I told myself ok... I will cancel the bonus and never play here again. So made a nice 500$ profit. Playing the same slot with same bet and praying they dont decide that its a special trick to take advantage on them. My account was obviously verified with way more than necessary documents used in every n1 and or direx casinos.

The payment manager that was the final step to enjoy my winnings and call it the most enjoyable 500$ ever. Well, he canceled my withdrawal 9 times. Asking to verify my ecopayz account with a screenshot of my account number, details and currency. It was already uploaded. But he kept asking and canceling and faking to be as dumb and retarded as a dead blind monkey. It took 7 hours of this ridiculous behavior. For 500$ lol. Imagine for 10k? Have a look at their complaints online, they are very special.
Their in house support lied to me on a couple occasions just to avoid honoring a free spins offer... Not the usual A1 softswiss agents.
I am never complaining about some behavior that I got used to from different casinos that should not be done if you respect yourself as a buisness owner and someone who profits from players that are happy even if you treat them poorly. I just go on and stop playing there. But there guys,wow. The dude asking for the same thing over and over with details that are so simple you question yourself after a while. A dream or what? Its the only time ever, that I would have gladly paid the entire withdrawal ammount for only a one minute meeting in person with a casino owner/staff.
Keep in mind that 80% of my play is at paradise casino, ladyhammer, n1 and cleopatra. I love the brand for many different reasons. But sometimes you learn that special people like to wear a mask, and they will throw it away for 10 spins of they have to.


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Jan 20, 2004
Original thread title seemed very misleading -- "Direx Casino Scams- Dont Use" -- was changed to better reflect the OP's actual issue(s).

Also @jackorules1 , have you tried contacting the group representative, @homerbert ? I've found him and his team to be quite helpful.
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