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Dormant account
Dec 11, 2012
Monroeville, PA
Hello Everyone, I go by the name MDHAYDEN and I have been an online gambler since 2002 playing at sites such as All Slots, River Belle, Gold Betting and my latest, Grand Casino Royale. I joined this site to seek help in getting a reslolution to why Directetpay will not process my cashouts of sunstantial amount all of the sudden. I had cashed out of Grand Casino Royale and the money was transfered into my Directnetpay account back inSeptember of this year. I have sent numerous emails to all copntacts that Directnetpay provide with no response and the casinoitself seems to have vanish, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Had to look up the casino and since it is the same software as Lady Dream, you might never see your money. Don't know anything about DirectNetPay and couldn't pull them up on the internet.

Sorry I couldn't be more help. Maybe someone will come along that is familiar with the casino etc.
Why on earth would you play at this clip joint?

Directnetpay sounds like a backyard mom and pop ewallet to me. It might even be owned by the casino.

Sounds like you have lost your dough. Sorry my friend.

In future, stick to reputable casinos, such as the Casinomeister accredited casinos.

Stick around the forums and you'll learn how to make better choices.

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