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Apr 18, 2003
Hi maybe someone can help me . I have an account with direct net pay who handle payments for gold betting and lady dream casino. They owe me money as approved withdrawals and don;t return calls or emails . Please help if you can. Thanks Glen
ryder1 Hi Bryan did you have time to get to my problem and find out why they dont answer phone ir emails? I have an account with direct net pay who handle payments for gold betting and lady dream casino. They owe me money as approved withdrawals and don;t return calls or emails . Please help if you can. I did receive a check recently after two months, but they still owe me and my wife. She has an account with them also. Please check with them if you can and let me know what you find out . Thanks Glen
Were the issues ever resolved with this casino Bryan? I don't see it listed in the "Rogue" section so did they redeem themselves?
No, the issues were never resolved. Yes, thank you for reminding me of the importance of updating the Rogue section.
Hi thing that irritates me is when a casino looks to blatantly rob a player. So I wrote to DreamLady Casino (you will notice in my email I said that I had written twice to them, this is not true, I just wanted to see how long it would take them to answer an email from a Potential New Player) goes: (Notice, that my email was sent at 7:28 AM, and I had an answer by 9:00 AM...guess they only answer people who they feel they can still steal from)

Subj: RE: Potential New Player
Date: 7/1/03 9:00:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

The Welcome bonus is immediately added to your account. The maximum initial deposits is $200.00.

Sorry for the delay in responding, this is the first email we have record of receiving.
Casino Support

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 7:28 AM
Subject: Potential New Player

Hi, my name is Linda Anders. I have written to support twice inquiring as to how long it takes to receive your welcome bonus. Also, do you have a maximum limit as to how much I can deposit. I notice that you do not have a phone number listed for customer service, therefore, if you would kindly reply I would be grateful for this information.

Sincerely, Linda Anders
I don,t get it! If you proved a point by doing what you did, then it went right over my head. :crazy:
Hi Tim,
Sometimes I have a problem expressing myself clearly. I had a brain injury a few years ago, and many parts of my brain were damaged. I am sorry I confused you. ((((hugs)))
Linda proves an excellent point that this casino practices selective answering to emails.

This borders on the criminal. I'm in the process of contacting the Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Affairs in St. Kitts. Their software provider is also being informed of this.
Hi Bryan,

I contacted them in connection to in regards to their aff program & my view I was getting my stats shaved, back in Feb. goldbetting didn't answer my e-mails.

After esculating this to their software proiver, all I got was a bounced e-mail & then no response after I tried another e-mail addy. Seems to be business as usual for these characters.

Best of lucky anyway :)

These are the same dogs that used to tell players the manager was "away on business" or "away on holiday in Florida" or "busy in meetings" when they were trying to get hold of someone to explain why they were not being paid.

Bryan I think deduced that all of these messages were coming from the same laptop in the USA! I forget the guy's name now, but these three casinos are clearly very, very bad news.
Wow jestset, can't say I've ever seen you use the word " dogs " before, not in this context anyway.

There was also that Lady Dream Casino screw up with a game or payout ( I think Croups brought this to light ) would it be premature to believe that they'll soon join the scoundrel over in the rogue section!
Just an update here. I have been in contact with the manager, and so far he has resolved most of the complaints that have been lodged via the "Pitch a Bitch" section. If there any players who have a legitimate complaint with any of these casinos, you need to make yourself known.
Any advise will be great. Because I don't even know what to do here. I fel like a piece of meat on the cutting board waiting for being chop up or being cook???

I had a VERY mixed up credit card and back card issue with DirectNetPay or EZTP, whatever...

I didn't pitch a bitch because I am even with them by their own extra credit back mistake. BUT this morning, I check my credit card statement on internet. They charge me again on 6/10 and post on 8/5??? almost 2 moth later with my old (already cancel) credit card?

What should I do? Here is my strange suitation.

1. They NEVER credit back on my bank $500 and I cancel the dispute. (because I thought we are even, so I didn't charge back on them.)

2. They do give me extra credit back on my credit card, but now I got extra charge coming up almost 2 month later. I don't even know HOW they did it since I already change my card 1 month ago.

3. I email them 1 month ago and told them about extra credit back and they start to say I am taking advantage of the mess. I really CAN'T do anything. I can't credit back myself or charge myself. It's on their OWN. I finally told them to contact me on their own if they want because I spent almost 2 months on the issue and no one EVER contact me. I was SO tired and frustrated with the whole thing.

Is ther any way I can clear this out and STILL protect myself? I am still even with them, but will NOT if they charge me like they just did again?

Are they "fine" now? I don't even know. Please give me some advise. Thanks!
Thank you. Jyde.
That's what I was afraid of. I thought the manager was trying to clear out by contacting Bryan.
I am going to close my credit card account now and hope things won't get worse. (The credit card company said the charge might be able to go through again even after I close my account.) I made mistakes by playing there before and just hope won't get worse anymore.

Have a nice night.

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There is much more than meets the eye with this "group". I would continue to steer clear from them, even though they are in the midst of "damage control".

Damage control= A term used to describe a company trying to clean up a big mess when it has been discovered by the inquisitive public.

There have been months of silence from these these casinos until one of the "managers" of this casino group discovered he was on the rogue list. Perhaps he typed in "goldbetting" at and made an unpleasant discovery, thus prompting his motivation.

There are still a number of unresolved issues to which I am waiting for answers.
Thank you for explaining it to me.
Yes, they just charge me again on my another credit card. I close the card 1 month ago, but the transaction was done at 6/10 and POST on 8/5. I can't stop them. So the extra credit is back to them now. And I don't think they are willing to pay me back my Neteller deposit, either. BIG mistake to play there at first place. Now I am paying my lesson.

I sent them an email and told them about it. I am going to wait for 2 days for they to respond me. If not, I will dispute the $500 from my bank. And hope it will get the money back for me.

I am so tired and frustrated with the whole thing. Online gambling is too much emotional challenge for me. It's time to stop. I I still like to come here read/post forum. Hope you won't mind.

Thank you again. Have a great day!
Bryan, Should I even bother to pitch a bitch?

I know you are very busy. EZTP charge me another $895 these 2 days. So the extra credit back is back to them. I still have $500 bank debit wasn't credit back as they said. And I am going to dispute (DON'T even know will it work or not). PLUS my Neteller deposit. I just HOPE they will contact me, so we can clear things out.

I read the news on your website. Thank you for clear things out for people you don't even know! It's really very nice to know someone care principal more than money. (I also read the story about the windows casino conversation. Can't believe this.) Wish I found your website earlier!

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