Different max bet size on Immortal Romance and TS2


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Oct 17, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
I have noticed a strange thing where not all players get the same max bet size even at the same casino.

For example Immortal Romance Slot, most people on here talk about a max bet size of $6 which is 10 coins at 2c machine and available at pretty much every casino. 10c machine with 10 coins seems to be available for me at most mg viper casinos but then there's the strange 20c and 25c versions that randomly appear and disappear at gaming club, there is also the strange up to 10c but 20 coin version at Fortune Lounge casinos for me.

Now thunderstruck 2 seems to have the 5c 10 coin version at most casinos (quickfire) while having up to 25c 10 coin at viper ones with $75 being the biggest bet size. One of my mates has a strange 20 coin version of the 25c machine like i do for Immortal Romance at Vegas Joker with the limit being $150 per spin.

Its rare that I play so high unless iv had major wins and 10k+ balance and in crazy wanna win big mode but I am wondering if these different servers pay differently because when the 25c Immortal Romance is available most games tend to pay a lot better than when it is not (almost like i'm switched to a different lower RTP server).

Don't get me wrong I still play MG (until our Australian government forces the rest out) and it has being paying quite well lately (most of the time) but the tin foil hatter in me sees these strange things like this and I have seen quite a few tin foil hat posts lately on here so I wanted to know if anyone else has noticed this on their accounts.
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As far as my experience goes, these will be the same version of the game, but with adjusted bet sizes...

Different casinos have different risk thresholds / varying appetite to the maximum exposure they have. As such, they will implement different settings on coin size / max bet per spin on each game. (Much like what you see on table games like blackjack & roulette... multiple versions of the same game, just differing min & max bets).

It may also be that the casinos have differing policies on social responsibility & will automatically and regularly categorise players based upon their profile, (deposit size, bet size, bet frequency, game preferences, etc).

Based on how long the casinos you've mentioned have been around, I would imagine their policies and procedures have been finely tuned over the years & I'd hazard they've implemented a combination of the above.

Hope this helps.
Ok something is broken with my Gaming Club account. I mentioned how TS2 had $75 max bet size limit on my account here while my friends one had $150 elsewhere, all of the sudden I clicked the denomination button upwards and saw this insane bet size available on my account.

Crazy betsize MG server.JPG

Iv never deposited in the 5+ figure range anywhere but in the past have taken crazy risks with ridiculous bets when I'm well up in high 4 digit or into 5 digit territory but this bet size is beyond ridiculous and I didn't think there was anyway it would be available anywhere even for millionaires. A 5 reel shitstorm would equate to $12,000,000 and go beyond Mega Moolah win size. RTP has been pretty bad lately so I wonder if this is MG's way of trying to get me to make a huge deposit to try it out (which wont happen unless I win Mega Moolah lol).
I know with Casino Rewards at different VIP levels the bet sizes are different. I used to be able to do £150 spins at Gold level (not that I did!) on Immoral Romance but now they are back to £30 max at Silver.

Rarely do I spin more than £3 a go on Immortal Romance anyway.

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