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Jun 3, 2006
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Leonardo DiCaprio is attached to star in an untitled and as-yet-unscripted project about the world of Costa Rica-based casinos that operate online, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
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The screenwriters on this project have a successful track record that includes the poker movie "Rounders" which I think it is fair to say was one of the better movies on the game.
DeCaprio in movie about online casinos

Leonard DiCaprio is going to star in a movie about the "underworld of Costa Rican online casinos". Not much else is known at this point.

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[Edit: Sorry Lotso, I just searched and found you posted about this earlier. Seem like I never learn to search FIRST if the subject has already been brought up. In any case, Blackjack666 had a good article link in the earlier thread:
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[Edit #2: Ooookaay.....my post now moved into Lotso's thread. Oh oh oohh, it's magic!]
Price Per Head article on DiCaprio casino movie ]
What an absolutely horrible write-up. Who wrote that? Someone failing English comp 101? Obviously written for the search engines and not for people with a few engaged braincells. How much bolding do you need to get your point across anyway? And yeah, I'm aware that the star of the movie is DiCaprio - I don't have to be reminded nine times within three paragraphs. :rolleyes:
I kinda doubt we will hear any new stuff about this movie till the promos hit the media, just before it gets released.

But, hey I could be wrong.

...I can't stop wondering who they are using as an 'expert' on online gambling. The movie will be influenced quite a bit by who they are getting their 'inside' info from.

@Westland Bowl,
No problem. :), that kind of stuff don't bother me.

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