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I’m posting to inform people of Diamond Reels blatantly trying to cheat me out of my winnings! I am a long-time recreational poker player and occasional sports bettor. I just recently started playing online casinos (last two months or so) and certainly have never had any problems with any online casino/sportsbook/ or poker room. On 9/3/2017, I deposited into Diamond Reels and claimed their welcome bonus. Miraculously, I won $3850 after completing the playthrough and went to cash out my winnings. After speaking with one of their agents on chat to see if I needed to submit anything to be able to cash out, I was informed of a list of documents and submitted these on 9/4/2017.

Afterwards when I emailed to check in on the status of my cashouts, I began to get the runaround. Initially on 9/6, they told me my account was undergoing review by the finance department. After I asked what the time frame should be for this, they responded a 24-48 hour pending phase, plus a 2 to 5 business day review period, and then 5 to 15 business days to process the withdrawal and post to my account. This last response occurred on 9/8.

On 9/18, I checked in again to ask what the status was because now we were outside of the advised timeframe for processing a transaction. The only response I received stated that they would escalate to their finance department. After not hearing for the rest of the week, I wrote back again on 9/21 asking for this to be escalated to a manager, and got a reply once again stating that they would escalate to finance. On the morning of 9/22, I received the following email:

Hi _________

I trust this finds you well.

Due to the negative links associated to your casino account, your deposit has been refunded and your withdrawal forfeited. You will no longer be able to hold an account with us. Kindly find attached the refund statement.

These funds should reflect on your card within 5-7 business days. Should you have any further queries during this time, please feel free to contact us..

Wishing you all the best of your future endeavors.

Warm Regards,


Diamond Reels Customer Support

This is completely unfounded seeing how this was my first deposit, I have never placed any chargebacks on any credit cards, and I fully complied with their T&Cs. Until this is resolved, I would recommend any and all players to avoid Diamond Reels as they will freeroll your deposits and if you win they will make up some excuse to not pay.

As an additional issue, I tried to do a CDS complaint but the link did not seem to be working. I would fill out the form and after I filled it out and tried to submit, an error message would appear.


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Unfortunately, you are not the first. :(

Diamond Reels appear to be basing their non-payment of winnings on a CND (Central Negative Database) which, as you have just experienced, they use to wriggle out of paying winnings.

CM has issued a warning, as follows:

My advice is to play at CM accredited casinos only, and you can't go far wrong.

Also check out ThePogg as his recommendations are also among the best.


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Thanks for the response. I wish I had seen the warning prior to even signing up for Diamond Reels :(. Is there any arbitration that Casinomeister offers regarding such complaints?


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Has anyone also successfully submitted a Central Dispute System (CDS) complaint? I've tried once again to submit one but their website keeps throwing an error. I used IE as they requested but it seems like there's something wrong on their end (CDS). Any suggestions on next steps to try and remediate this would be greatly appreciated!