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I would stay away from these casinos. They send emails that say Make a deposit whether you win or lose we match your deposit in your account the next day. It is that simple. NO NOT QUITE YOU HAVE TO GAMBLE 15 TIMES DEPOSIT PLUS BONUS!!! So you deposit $30 you might have to lose $900 to get the $30 bonus. I know that would take a bad day but I've had them. Then when you get the bonus you can't cash it out you have to play it. COME ON CASINOS (I KNOW WE ARE DUMB) GIVE US A BREAK WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO A BACKGROUND CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR BONUSES ARE REAL OR CRAP. The casinos are Black Dog-Blues Club-Digital Betting-Mango-Winners Play. I like their software and maybe if we get the word out to blackball them they will wake up and offer something TRUTHFUL!!!
Hey Nasty,
You took the thought away from me. I had the same idea of banning and blackballing certain casinos and e-cash providers just like they do us. Most of the time just for the GP- general purpose of doing something to the players. I'm getting tired of hearing how players are getting locked out or banned from playing over some minor detail or BS. Maybe we should all ban together and apply some of these same principles and tactics on them and boycott the offending casino or ecash provider for a day or two and see how it feels when they won't respond to our emails. MORE POWER TO THE PEOPLE. :D

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