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Mar 26, 2006
For two months I tried to contact the support at Diamond Club Casino. My problem was that I had lost my username. Finally one day I got a mail with my username and a statement that I had to wager more before I could withdraw.

When I tried to login with my username I could not. It would not accept my password. So I have tried to reset my password entering my personal information. When I do this I get the messages:

"Your password has been successfully changed - a message with your new password has been sent to your email address at martin_stenmann@hotmail.com. If you experience any problems, please contact Customer Support at support@diamondclubcasino.com."

But then I get another message:

"The information you entered does not match your account information.
Please contact Customer Support at support@diamondclubcasino.com for further assistance."

Therefore I get no new password and cannot access my account. I still cant get hold of their customer support. They dont answer my mails and their phone number seems to be invalid. Can anyone help me?
Casinomeister said:
I've PMd CPays

This is their affiliate manager. He should be able to assist.

Not referring this case, but people are lazy to read rules ;),
so maybe one topic, notice, whatever.... that there is "Casino Contacts"-link

Yes, you have that line... in your Link Outdated / Removed... but.... we are lazy... :)

Like we all know these "EULA"-texts... i think, most people just skip those.
Casinomeister said:
Seek and you will find...

Yep i know! :)

I meant... umm... Example something what you have in promo-area,
members will see notice/message, when they create a new topic.

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