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May 15, 2003
Havana Club (on the reputable list) pops up Diamond Casino when you exit their website.

It's pretty clear that Havana and Diamond share at least some back office support. Their promotions have the same look and feel, and their T&Cs are identical.

Presumably, if they're run by the same organization, Diamond should be as solid as Havana. If they are just cross-marketing, then maybe that's not the case.

Does any of you have any info one way or the other about Diamond?


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Both Havanna and Diamond have been taken over by the Fortune Lounge group. Knowing this I imagine its a good place to play.
thesmacker said:
Both Havanna and Diamond have been taken over by the Fortune Lounge group. Knowing this I imagine its a good place to play.

Excellent. Thanks very much.

- Case
Did a search for Diamond Casino and this is only thread i could find,
does any one else here play?

See that it is part of fortune lounge group but they are not promoting it on their main site?

Any good?

Things have changed.

Things have changed since this thread was started.

Havana Club is no longer accepting new players, which is why it no longer appears on the Fortune Lounge website.
As to Diamond Casino, this has never been Fortune Lounge to my knowledge, but may be part of the group that sold Havana Club to Fortune Lounge. There was Diamond Deal casino (Playtech), part of the Main Street Group, but this disappeared with the move to RTG.
Diamond is a pretty common name, and I would not take this thread as an indication that it is good enough to play at until we can be sure of who owns it now, and exactly which "diamond" you are asking about.
on diamondcasino.com contact site the emails are @casinodesk.com which when googled gives links to other fortune lounge casino sites.

This snippet from the payout reports makes sense:-

Independent Audits

We apologize, but no Independent Auditor reports are currently available from May 2005 to date.

Diamond Online Casino was dormant for a period of time while we restructured to provide an improved gaming experience for our players.

We will resume posting the reports once we have sufficient data. Thank you for your patience in this regard.

It is very unusual to see this from an MG brand, but this may be the casino spawned from the group that left Fortune Lounge to go it alone. Rather than start all over again, the original brand has been continued (brought back from the dead one might say!). I have never seen this casino advertised as belonging to Fortune Lounge, but neither does Goldfishka appear on the main FL pages.
It may be an arms length operation, or it may be in a state of flux with some support still provided by FL support centre.
The "about us" is really lame though, it actually tells the prospective player nothing, and does nothing to soothe any fears over the unusual lack of PWC reports usually found for MG.
Best thing would be to contact support and ask about the relationship with Fortune Lounge.

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