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May 17, 2006
Hi all
I believe i could be having my first problem with a casino.
Before i slag em off all over the web i am trying to contact them.
They are not answering my emails and live chat is nonexistent!
So i am trying to phone them
They have 2 numbers
int 1-268-4**-***
toll free 1-866-8**-****
This may be a bit dumb! but i cant work out what to dial from the uk
I figured somebody on here would know
Hello my English buddy! The 1-866 number is an American number. It's toll free in the states but as a UK person like me you'll be charged the American rate from your land line - usually pretty good. Call 001866 etc. etc.

The 1-268 number, I believe, goes through to the wonderful country of Antigua and Barbuda... Sounds like a classy place you are playing at...LOL

Unsure as to what that will charge you, but to call that go 001268 etc. etc.

Hope that helps.

Thanks benroles!
That was just what i wanted..i tried 00 aswell but took the 1 away :what:
Lets hope im not starting a new " i need help! " thread
If you are able to get through to the 1-866 number, it is likely to be much cheaper than calling a number in Antigua.
Phone Codes

They may have a number especially set up for the UK, many do, but they only list the main USA and international numbers. With Live Chat always unavailable and E-mails ignored, this wouldn't be C***** R****** Group by any chance:D
lol no its not
I actually received an answering email just as i was about to ring them!
They appologised for delay and did what i requested, so hopefully no problems.
They are a new casino so maybe some teething problems.
But....to all you casino reps out there it does highlight the fact that the customer might get a bit paranoid if live chat is allways off and emails are not answered in a timely fashion!

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