DHL payment??


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Aug 4, 2004
Montana Overseas was fighting Golden nile for me to get my $400. I got an email from Crystal Palace today saying they've sent the money, via DHL.

Okay, call me clueless, but is that like Fed Ex? i've never used DHL, so I have no idea. :D

Edit* Just noticed something with the email, the Crystal Palace addy shows up as my own email?! The hell??
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Yes, DHL is like Fed Ex or UPS.

No, I don't know about their reliability, but I'm waiting on an overseas package myself that is supposed to be delivered using DHL.

EDIT: Just had a pleasant conversation with DHL's customer service since this post reminded me to check on my delivery. Looks like 5 days total (including the weekend and holiday) for a book from Australia.
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They are really fast. Fortune Lounge sent me a cheque via DHL some months ago. It took less than 2 days from Lebanon to Germany :D
I'd say you should worry more about the online casino sending out the check on time rather than the reliability of DHL in bringing in your check on time. :rolleyes: I've been using DHL and it is as good as FedEX and UPS. :thumbsup:


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