Deviation between two equivalent chances.


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Sep 11, 2009
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"I would'nt play online with a RNG roulette. I say this because I played with play money on several sites, the one I used most was EuroGrand Casino, and I realised that their system is recognising the patterns you play, and after a while they put you in the ditch."

I doubt that it is possible that "their system is recognising the patterns you play"!

Besides, the relative deviation between two equivalent (even) chances, can be 'much larger' with a real wheel (in real B&M casino) than with an online roulette. The real wheel and the RNG are NOT 'equally fair'.

I Once noticed in a B&M, that RED came out 108 times and BLack 178 times. Once in a casino, at the roulette, RED came out like 40 times in a row (that's the world record).

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