Dessert Dollar took all my money


Apr 15, 2000
Did you get your money back ?

Did you get your money from Aces High eventually?


Dormant account
Oct 26, 2001
chuckwk said:
Nope, I have had good experiences with the nugget and don't think I have ever made a comment about them, good or bad in this or any other forum...

But, I do participate at other forums, and your right, it was several months ago.

Yep, they kept the money.... I even went to the DMV and they made me a drivers license with the name Chuck on it and Visa bank card even sent me new cards with Chuck on them.... I faxed copies and they said NO. Their loss, I'm sure their bank company (proc) has records of my deposits with other affiliated casinos and they can see how much potential loss in deposits I would have made... I washed my hands of the $360 and I would not risk my credit with any other casino by making a chargeback.
no wonder its proccyber. Bunch of morons if u ask me. I think most of the micros are doing away with those clowns.

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