Dormant account
Sep 30, 2003
Desert Dollar locked my account without any prior noticeand without telling me the reason. I have not done anything unusal or evil against and i do not understand why they locked my account. I deposited 20$ and got the 50$ bonus. Unfortunately, my account balance was only 2$ when they locked my account. i do not care about the 2$. Their behaviour was extremely unbelievable and i ask from them to give me my deposited money back. I can not continue playing to a casino that in any time locks my account and i have to fight in order to open it again. If anybody related reads this post please answer.
may be they need to keep all money to pay this:: (not sure when this report came out)

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They aren't AIB after all, they don't need to close up shop because someone wins 25k. And the progressives are contributed to by all MG casinos that have the same game, so the whole thing doesn't really come out of one casino's pocket.
After finding this email
" " in this forum and writing a lot of emails the vice president ( as he signed the emails )of the operation " Fortune Lounge " told me that i will get my money back but never play again in their casinos. That's ok by me. They say that they will give my money by check. Hm... They could put it back to my credit card... Anyway, if they finally give my money back, I will say that they are a well-respected operation. Although, they have alot of problems with credit cards and banks. When you open an account, if there is some information a little
different from what your bank has, they will explain this as a cheat by you. Anyway...
Maybe they should somehow fix this. Let me wait for my money back...

Thank you for your post.

You are quite correct to state that you and I have been in constant communication.

You omit to state that I have explained to you why your account was locked.

We have been clear on our position that we are not prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt when your bank confirms that the information you supplied to us is not correct (on our request you gave us written permission to verify your details with your bank)

A check has already been mailed to you as we cannot refund back to your credit card.

VP Operations
Fortune Lounge
Thank you for the cooperation. Although i am not satisfied by the situation occured, i 'd like to state that the bahaviour i received by you was awesome. If the support of the casino is one measure of its reliability as business, i will CLEARLY say that the "Fortune Lounge" operation is VERY RELIABLE and well-respected operation, at least by me.

I'm sad not to play again in your casinos but i understand that there are some reasons by you, respected by me.


Let me see, there is some dispute with the details on the credit card and instead of returning the deposits on to the card, they are writing the guy a cheque? So it must be his card then or they wouldn't be sending him a cheque. I don't see what the problem is with the details if it is his card and he's not making up his identity (he probably wouldn't be able to cash the cheque if his name isn't correct). Maybe it's a different billing address but so what?

I deposited last weekend for promotions at Fortune Lounge as a test and they surprisingly gave me the bonuses with no problems. I wasn't expecting it after the last couple of times.
Sirius, They can't refund to credit cards anymore for whatever reason. Seems to be the case for all casinos now. I don't know of any that still can.
I haven't found that to be the case but I know it's a problem with Mastercard.

Fortune Lounge Group are having more flak thrown at them at bet2gamble at the moment:

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(the usual complaint but also involves gambling grumbles)

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(complaint about spam)

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