deposit problem with videoslots


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Aug 30, 2016
issue resolved....should have waited longer.

mind you i don't think i will bother with them again. 200.00 at 1.00 a spin lasted less than an hour....i checked my rtp after and it's horrible:

Overall RTP: 80.74%
Lowest RTP: Sticky Sevens Megaways 13.76%
Highest RTP: Power Of Thor Megaways 52.15%

No idea how my overall RTP is 80.74 when my highest is 52.15 but out of i believe 3 deposits here i've had maybe 6 hours of "fun" losing
props to them for at least posting the RTP I actually figured it was closer to 60% overall because of how bad it's been
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Hi @casguy2016 - thank you for your message.

We are very sorry to hear that you're disappointed. Thing is, what RTP you have in each game is very unpredictable and can be very different for every player, seeing as slots results are impossible to affect.

If you want us to have a closer look at your RTP or want help with anything else, you can email us on:

Kind regards,
Team Videoslots
Award winning Videoslots is reviewed by Casinomeister

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