Deposit made with a friends card (Videoslots Casino), unable to withdraw


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Nov 8, 2020
Hi. Apparently I made a deposit with a friends card last year on 2020/04/20 and now am required to send documents of proof that I had my friends approval for making a deposit with his card. How come this comes up now, 1 year later? I have been making deposits and withdrawals for a year with no problems. And my problem is I have asked most of my friends that I could imagine letting me borrow their card and none of them owned a card with the numbers so I'm out of ideas. Is there anyway for me to go around this?

It's one deposit made with this card, no idea why I have to verify it either since I have made withdrawals to bank account and deposits with swish. First time having an issue on this site too, so wondering if it's some new rule or something similar that's been changed in Sweden/Casinos(?).
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Jun 30, 1998
Please contact the casino rep to see if they can look into it. Thanks!