Deposit into William Hill


Dormant account
Nov 18, 2008
I deposited in William Hill on 18th May 2010 $100 using my Master Card, time recorded 12.52.06,approved.Very strange that I noted my balance became $200,I asked the Chat Support whether this other $100 was a bonus?Replied ,it was another deposit,time recorded 18th May 2010 12.54.06,only different 2 minutes from original deposit.
The second similar experience ,I deposited $100,using Moneybookers dd7 th June 2010 time 9.42.22,again I found my balance became $200?How was it possible as my money in Moneybookers only $100?
As a matter of fact I had a balance $100 +bonus $50 +$5 winning=$155 in Live Casino,still in William Hill ,but separate balance even has the same id and password,when I log in to this section I found my balance only $55,I realised that the casino had taken my money from Live casino moved it to Casino balance,without any info.
I did not want to complain as the money said above been wiped out.
I just afraid to deposit again,how come William Hill got the payment from me through my Master,without my approval,i.e. CVV,casino Password?
Anyone had such experience?