Delayed Payment Tactics


Feb 27, 2021
Beatrice Martini here, I have been a player of over ten years and have played at various casinos and would like assistance with a casino that is not listed.
I have been a genuine player and have spent thousands of dollars in playing.
I have vip staus at the casino I currently play at which recently has locked my account from play. Has not payed two loyalty bonuses and has continually given me excuses in delayed winnings.
I am now needing assistance in trying to recieve my winnings.
After years of frustration and on numerous occasions requesting my account to be closed and being offered bonuses to encourage my account to stay open this casino has now blocked payment options with an excuse of temptation.
My account is still open but payment has been delayed for the third time.
The vip host had disputed payment and when caught out for resetting my wager has since been awful with every approach I have taken to be paid my winnings.
I am a genuine player and am now concerned there will be further delayed tactics to be paid my winnings.
Please help!!!