Delayed payment +9 days


Nov 21, 2022
Hello folks :)

I have been a user at Casoo Casino for around two years. Never had problems regarding payment issues etc. I currently have a pending payment of 1000 euro, that is delayed since the 12th of November.
Firstly i am getting told i am in a queue and after a couple of days, they are telling me that they are having problems with the payment provider and the technical team is doing everything that they Can to solve it.

They refer to their terms and are pointing to a rule/term “EVENTS OUTSIDE OUR CONTROL”

I cannot get a timelimit on when i am expecting the withdrawal to be proccesed and when i am asking about details regarding what is going on, I get the answer that it is confidential.

Any one that has experinced the same thing? And what to do from here?

I have actually filed a complaint at Askgamblers - no answers yet.

So many people viewed this but no one responded, ridiculous. I have a similar problem with a different casino, but they paid out mine since Thursday but I still haven't received anything to this day. Really annoying.

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