Delano/winward- anyone else still not paid?


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Apr 9, 2004
Just want to hear from anyone else whether they were ever paid by winward casino for a delano account. After months of winward ignoring my emails i forwarded them one from Montana who stated that they believed winward were settling all Delano accounts
I got this reply "

Dear Andrea,

Please note that accounts were migrated to Winward Casino. However, Winward Casino is not responsible for any pending Delano Casino balances.

I do apologize for this and am sorry that Winward Casino cannot be of help.

Best Regards,

Winward Casino

Management Group. "

I heard some Delano players were paid out by winward and would be interested in hearing from them and from any others still waiting.
This guy is a top man at Winward, who assured me a few months back (it was reported in Casinomeister News) that legitimately owed Delano players would be looked after. I would try an appeal to this address in case you've hit one of the minions who doesn't know what's going on....

Indeed this customer was paid her Delano Casino balance of $1,500 via NETeller by Winward Casino.

The transfer confirmation is NTxxxxxx.

If you have any further questions please let me know.



I've PMd Cristie's email to andreah in case there any further questions.
Well it seems winward suddenly decided to pay me the $1500 shortly after i posted on here. This site must have some influence.

Thankyou casinomeister

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