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Jul 11, 2003
Meister, checking to see if you got my pitch a bitch? For everyone elses benefit, they confiscated (stole) my winnings.

The manager never responded depsite my request to speak with him/her. Support never gave me a vaild explanation. They messed up the WR 3 times, I bent over backwards and wagered more than I needed to.

They also took 2 weeks to send me my deposit, and never informed me that they had confiscated my winnings (I had to ask why the winnings weren't sent).

They basically put themselves in a no lose situation. If I lost the deposit (nearly did too), they win. If I win, they confiscate everything but the deposit.

Heads they win, tails they don't lose.

Del Rio, if you are reading this, you might as well change your software to RTG.
This is becoming so commonplace its retarded.

Playing online is definitely going down the shit tubes.

People claim they play at casinos that are problem free, but take a look at this forum, negative posts about casinos which are said to be great.

I think the only place you can play and know your getting paid is on land.
This casino makes it difficult to determine the playing requirements for their promos. I think that when things are hidden on the website or in e-mails a red flag needs to go up.
I played at Casino Del Rio and managed to book a small win. I'm still waiting for the cashin to arrive though, so I'll post back to this forum when I get it or when I didn't, and I'm trying to do so. I hope they pay OK because I really liked playing there.
Check the banking page to see how long they hold cashins prior to processing them. I think that one is 4 or 5 business days.
jamesdean, this is the only problem I've had over a couple of hundred sessions.

The T&Cs on their site stated 6xD, 12xB. By the time I got the bonus, I'd pretty much wagered all I needed to. They then turned around and added X amount on top of that. I tried to explain their own terms to the rep, but he wouldn't/couldn't understand.

Something interesting though, it's probally cost them more not to give me my $110. I'm sure the couple of posts I made on the forums have made a number of people think twice.

It's very unprofessional for a casino to act in this manner though. They're hypocrites, they are critical of players who don't risk their own money (when they obviously do), when they don't risk anything themselves.
Meister, I posted a pitch a bitch while you were away, just wondering whether I have to send it again.
Del Rio is a sham casino. I deposited in Casino Tropez and Del Rio on the same day as I like the playtech software. I deposited in tropez first, then Del rio, and while I was wagering at del rio to get the sign up promo the live chat guy interupted me and asked me why I had made a deposit in casino tropez and had not played it yet. I said cause I like to take my time and gamble casually. He told me then that I was a bonus abuser and that I would not get the bonus from del rio. I asked why and he just said cause I was a bonus abuser, I was like huh? At this point I had already lost some of my money so I decided to withdraw but was told I could not untill I wagered my deposit 12 times, again I was like huh. I had accepted no promotions or anything because they called me a bonus abuser due to my playing habits, which I had been playing 5 and 10$ hands of BJ. So I wagered 12 times, lost half my deposit and still have not been paid yet. I also asked for a transcript of the chat log but was told they would not send me one, once again I said huh. So the moral of the story is that these guys are scum, they let you deposit, lose some of your money then call you a bonus abuser and wont give you the sign up bonus, then they have you wager 12 times before they let you cash out your deposit even though you accepted no bonuses. I hope this is a lesson to all that Casino Del Rio is rogue and scummy. They are sisters with Tropez Im assuming to which also makes Tropez scum.
Skidmark, Thanks for the post on Del Rio. I'm more than a llittle upset with these clowns and the "tag team" type games they've been playing recently. It is tough enough to win against a casino but to try and win against a group of casinos that are acting in concert with one another is nearly impossible. Thanks again.

Yo, Del Rio and can you demand how many times a player must wager their money without agreeing to any promotional terms????

I would love to see anyone from your casinos come to this forum and justify your actions.
I believe they are sister casinos cipher, like the sunny group or FL.
Yes JPM you're right about that.

I received an email yesterday morning from Del Rio with a fairly good size bonus attached to it. But I replied back to them with a "thanks but no thanks" until such time as they put an end to all of this nonsense.

In my opinion this stuff has got to stop and the players are the only ones that can stop it. Have a good one.

If what skidmark says is correct then one would have to deem tropez-del rio as rogue. Since no one from either casino has come to defend these claims Im assuming that they are probably true. Its such a shame, the 2 best softwares out there, RTG and Playtech are probably the shadiest. Exceptions of course to sunny group, kiwi and golden palace as of late, but we are seeing mass complaints about playtech lately, pity they cant just run their casinos properly because the games are fast and fun.
Wow it's only been a bit over a month since I posted this. Feels like much longer. Anyway, it has been a month so I'll assume the Meister isn't going to help me out with this. It is only $110, but that's not the point. It's the pinciple.

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