Deckmedia affiliate funny/odd spam


aka LooHoo
Jun 5, 2006
Edmonton Canada
Subject: Oh, ick! I'm chilling out on my YACHT, wanna see how I bought it...

Administrative manager Sloto Cash.
Your post address is extract by a accidental from the tabular form the Best USA Players 2012
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I was thinking...
You must be joking... the Palace are giving away another welcome presents and gifts.. real Real Backs free? We´ve gotta get to it!
Get back to me when you can. <-link removed

We'll dust you easily. All new gamers are entitled to receive an outstanding Salutatory Gift of 7,777 Cash money Lots of luck!
Do not forget to use our special offers.!
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:lolup: Although "We'll dust you easily" sounds like a threat. :eek2:
:lolup: Although "We'll dust you easily" sounds like a threat. :eek2:

Whuh?? (reminds me of 'all your bases are belong to us'....)

That affiliate should be booted and contract voided purely due to crappy English and uneducated business practices. If I sent something like that out to even one of our customers I'd be fired on the spot for embarrassing the company!
lol I just got a new one from the same affiliate. This is awesome....

Subject: Say what? I doubled my money, and I,m going out tonight with the hottest girls....

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I forgot...

I totally forgot to mention... when you come with us to the palace you get mad presents and welcome bonus real Green money.. free too! Pretty exciting, right? Looking forward to your reply.

You're going to drop your teeth! New gamers are entitled to receive an outstanding Welcome Gift of 7,777 Green money..

Do not forget to use our special offers..

"You're going to drop your teeth!" wtf2.gif

(Tirilej, no more OLD jokes...!!)

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