Dear Grand Prive/Grand Eagle Casinos!!


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Nov 18, 2004
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Why after I have personally called at least 3 times this past year do you still insist on sending my deceased husband whom I may add has NEVER lived at this address of mine EVER unwanted cd's with free money offers? I am fed up!! I am looking into ways of taking action against your company and I hope to nail you scumbags hard core!! I have attached for everyone to see how these dirt bags continue to send my husband who passed away in 06 these damn offers, you will see they even say we have not seen you in the casino since 2006, YA THINK??? since he passed away on 06 and you were asked so many times to close that account and to cease sending these damn offers to my home!! Now I have your other casino Grand Eagle sending the same crap to him and how stupid are you to name your new USA facing brand so similar to Grand Prive AND to send a cd with the same amount of free cash within days of the Free cash offer at Grand Prive, anyone with a half a brain can put 2 and 2 together to see that it adds up to SCUM!

Please I ask anyone that gets these offers do NOT support these jerks toss them in the trash, call up tell them to remove your name from the marketing list not that it will help!

I am also asking the marketing company that Grand Prive hired to send the cd campaigns to stop sending me stuff, I know who you are and you are going to be held responsible! You should not do business with these crooks!!
Since your husband NEVER lived at your address, how on Earth did they get hold of YOUR personal information, enough to establish that you, and at your new address, are the wife of their long lost player.

This is the worst kind of thing a company can do, and regulators do not take this kind of thing lightly. The fact that you had already contacted them to explain the situation makes this all the worse. This is THREE YEARS on, and they are STILL stirring up this grieving widow's emotions by sending these unwanted, and completely useless, CDs.

If you DO have to take legal action simply to make it stop, don't forget to claim additional damages for THREE YEARS of distress caused by this.
Unaware of your loss bonustreak sorry. I read this post earlier today and still running a little hot.

This is so way below the belt leaves me speechless. Makes me loose a little faith in humanity. How could they do this to someone? Steal our earnings the stuff we use to live then a secondary strike of throwing CDs in the mail for the deceased.

I really dont care about excuses, like mailing lists etc all B.S to me at this point. These Grand Prive people are very sick in the head.

Thanks for updating Grand Prive's newest roguish behavior Meister. I wonder if sending CD's to the deceased is beyond rogue. The words elude me...

Just shows how seriously they take 'unsubscribe' requests.

When a company ignores customers, these kinds of things happen.

Grande Prive - shame shame shame :mad:

This has nothing to do with a failed unsubscrive. Remember, the husband died, and his widow MOVED HOUSE, so it goes beyond ignoring a request to unsubscribe, they went out of their way to attempt to track where this player might have moved to by trying to identify his wife, and tracing where SHE had moved to.

Maybe they BOTH had Grand Prive accounts, making it easier for them to trace, but also a WORSE omission in standards.

Now, we have a PLAYER based reason for them entering the pit, as well as one based around affiliates.

Incidentally, I received an eCogra press release, Grand Prive are now going to have the closure of their affiliate program investigated. It seems Grand Prive themselves requested this. eCogra are inviting submissions from former affiliates who feel they have a grievance. One criteria is whether they feel they have not been paid for wagering activity SUBSEQUENT to December 1st 2008. Since the casinos are STILL open for business, and ONLY US players were "thrown out" on that date, wagering for NON US players that affiliates attracted is STILL taking place, so any claim in this respect is "open-ended".

Maybe Grand Prive are hoping for a "whitewash", I hope aggrieved affiliates do their best to disappoint them:D

Bonustreak - this might also be a good time to make eCogra aware of YOUR issue, as it will give them a bigger perspective of how the company operates.
Thank you so much Meister for updating your page on these rogue casinos! I remember reading a few weeks back on the forum and someone was saying this forum does not care about players, they could not have been more wrong!! I never expected you to take on this cause the way you have and I really appreciate it. :thumbsup:
Now I have your other casino Grand Eagle sending the same crap to him and how stupid are you to name your new USA facing brand so similar to Grand Prive AND to send a cd with the same amount of free cash within days of the Free cash offer at Grand Prive, anyone with a half a brain can put 2 and 2 together to see that it adds up to SCUM!

My thoughts also Bonustreak on these new outfits and their connection to the Grand Prive Group. Posted back on Nov. 30th about that here...

Just an update a really nice rep of eCogra is going to look into this issue for me, I am really impressed because normally this is not his type 'grievance' to handle but he was willing to do what he could for me.
Pleased to hear that someone is doing something about these incompetents and their insensitive blunders.

Please let us know if you get any more stuff like this from these clowns - it will be a useful follow up to assess whether the eCOGRA staffer was effective in compelling them to set their records straight.
Not sure if I should be thankful or insulted about these flowers that were delivered yestday. I do know that I am happy that eCogra was able to get my husbands name off that mailing list once and for all, thank you very much!!

GP flowers were not needed all I needed was a simple confirmation that the name was deleted from your mailing list, I will not be thankful for these flowers because your still worthless in my book for all your shady transactions towards players and affiliates over the last few years.
This is a tough one. I would hope that whoever was personally responsable for sending these flowers was sincere.

It is a very sad state that you cannot accept them not knowing the manner in which they were given. I am going to keep the faith that they were given sincerely. However, I cannot be sure of that.

I am so sorry vix. I have tears here.

If it's any consolation at all, our joe played the 100 freebie and cashed out 5k. He was on a mission to get them one way or another. :thumbsup: His 5k cashout showed up in his QT last week.

He'd trade it all to give you one single flower with love.


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