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Marcie Mac

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I rarely get snail mail stuff from Casinos - In December I received one from Grand Prieve with a really nicely done booklet and a disc to download their casino - really Class A advertising and an interesting read - lots of movie star interviews and names dropped throughout.

But to be honest, the letter accompanied it I thought was on the insulting side so I threw the whole thing in the trash, thinking if you can't even do a halfway decent letter trying to get me to play there, I am not interested. And anyway, how in the heck can they know I am a heavy hitter when it comes to gambling :) - they found it sad I missed out on all of the good gambling there, a high hitting gambler such as myself

So last week I get another package from them - and this one is headed Dear Elitist.. I must have been having a bad hair day because for some reason it really irritated me. Why spend all of the money on a first class advertising package, and then have someone with no command of the English language write a letter. I still havent figured out if the letter was being condensending or sarcastic. Probably definately the former and a bad attempt at the latter.

I looked and looked at the advertising stuff to see where these people were based out of - but no luck - nothing about their company at all. I am assuming it is maybe South Africa because there were some Ads for Diamond Jewelry with a S A address.

I just wonder how in the heck they got my name and address - I only play at one casino on line and I have been playing there only for a few years, and never have gotten any casino spam (until recently the Sultan casino people have been sending me daily emails to play there and I have no clue how they got me email addy.



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Hi i got the same package aswell, i turned out upside down shook it around no cash fell out tryed to read the booklet on the crapper but gave up before i was done. :eek:

shame on them for spamming you, i keep getting spam from EHOS@something with my account numbers and there micros too :mad:

Marcie Mac

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I assume they are connected to Micro Gaming?

Funny enough, via snail mail again today, I got a nice disc and invite from Villente Las Vegas - micro gaming as well. Their letter was very well written, I was addressed by my name instead of Dear Elitist, which I much appreciated.

Apparently my name is being bandied about thru the Microgaming system for some reason. LOL

But, after being a member here for a little while, I am extremely leery of casinos just popping up trolling for my business now via snail mail - as if email wasn't enough. And thank you for possibly giving the government a heads up sending me discs to download for on line gambling. They can, at will, open any mail I get you know just as a matter of Homeland Security...sheesh

All of the T&C's that say we don't have to pay you if we get a bad vibe from you, problems with bonus's, and advising my name may be given to other casino's if they thought I was a bonus abuser or played strange - I am so going to pass on signing up with any new casino.

Am still wondering where they are getting my name and address from though..