Deadly Storms And Flooding Slam Mid South

GGW Laurie

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We are having the worst flooding i have seen in 30 years, i have chatted with jel smith (Zombie) and have tried to email Nashvegas , im hoping he is at his brothers as the Harpeth river is way above flood level and the river runs right behind his home.

Jel is also in the Nashville area and is also trapped in by the floods, they are evacuating guests at Operyland Hotel, all 1500 of them and there are many cars trapped on the interstates as they have been shut down, we have three major interstates that run thru the mid state, all three meet in Nashville, so it is a mess.

In my area, im about 30 miles south of Jel and Nash , its pretty much the same, its just water everywhere you look .

Here is a link from the national news ,its really freaky to see a house floating down the interstate.

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That looks terrible! We drove down I-55 last week the day before the tornadoes ripped through Mississippi and felt lucky. You guys are really getting slammed:(


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I really hope it gets better for you guys over there. Please stay safe.


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The rain started about 2 hours ago here in Atlanta and there is already several inches of standing water on the interstates (I-285 was rather scary a few minutes ago). Hope everyone in the Dirty is safe and dry!


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Anyone heard any news from the Tunica Miss. casinos? They're only a heartbeat away from Memphis, TN. and they're all barges and on the damn river (by law). Just wondered if any of them have floated down to N'awlins with all this rain.